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Setting up an Instagram Account for Your Business: Tips to Follow

Tips & Tricks to ace the game of Instagram Business Account 

You need to understand that a visual is definitely one of the most important ingredients of the strong campaigns of social media and there is no denying the fact that Instagram is the biggest proof of this. Here is how to ace the game of Instagram business account?

The online audience is accustomed to news as well as different kinds of contents thrown from each and every direction. You need to know that almost 75% of the Instagram users are responsible for taking a particular action, like they visit a particular site, shop for something online, or even search for products after they have liked any particular post on Instagram, according to www.freelogoservices.com.

It is not extremely difficult to set up your Instagram profile for your business, especially if you are using Facebook already. Instagram is not only simple but also takes less time in comparison to the other sites. Given below is a list of the ways for setting up your business account on Instagram.

Download the application and create your account

It is obvious that you have to download the Instagram application on your smartphone or tablet and open your account. You can either sign up for Instagram with the help of the email address or your contact number or you also have the option of logging in with the Facebook account. Since you are opening your Instagram account primarily for your business, it is crucial that you switch to the business profile. The business profile will help you to access the analytics and understand as to how your business is performing.

Complete the setup of the profile

In order to finish the profile, it is mandatory to enter your email address, contact number, as well as the physical address of the business. If you have logged in with your Facebook account, some of the relevant information is going to be auto-filled.

Create a business page

If you do not have a business page on Facebook as well, this is the ideal time to create one. When you have the option of choosing a page, you have to choose “Create one”, which is located right at the bottom. Ensure that you are selecting an appropriate title for the page and choose a category, which is going to describe the business in the best manner.

Few options include:

  • Magazines and books
  • Brands and products
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Blogs and websites

Edit the profile

Editing the profile means, you have to add a relevant profile photo, an interesting bio, and definitely the link to your website. The Instagram bio is the ideal page for including any hashtags on links or you can even add important keywords for describing your brand. You can also change your bio later on if you want to announce something.

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Invite contacts

You have the option of inviting your Facebook friends to follow you on your Instagram account. It is true that once your loyal customers have knowledge about your Instagram account, they are going to automatically follow you but it is always a good idea to invite a few contacts. When you start posting on Instagram, you can get real Instagram likes by visiting reputed websites.


Instagram has helped businesses to start from nothing and gain everything. If you do not know how you should be setting up your Instagram business account, consider the tips that have been mentioned above.

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