5 Creators Who are Using their Instagram to Spread Positivity

Content Creators who are making their Instagram feed, a positive space

Amid all the negativity, a word of kindness can do wonders. 2020 has really been a year, a year where we have seen extremely unfortunate days, filled with negativity and uncertainty. Complimented by the crisis people are facing all around the world, the year has been a toll on the mental well-being of people. Amid such a crisis, there are a few people who came to the rescue by bringing up the content of positivity. There are times when just listening to a word of motivation can help and these content creators are absolutely doing the same.


5 Creators Who are Using their Instagram to Spread Positivity



Nandani, an Illustrator who tells the story of love, life, and laughter is certainly one of the most creative and inclusive accounts growing on Instagram. Nandani is a student illustrator who creates relatable doodles, small and really aesthetic artworks. Also, she curates a weekly newsletter full of her artwork. She often uses her Instagram to journal her thoughts and ideas. Check her out as @perksofbeingnandani on Instagram and get your dose of positivity for the day.


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Purnima Bisht

Purnima’s feed is a treat as here feed is a visual playlist. You can find her feed well decorated with some of the most indie and soulful songs coupled with her illustrations. One can have a sense of positivity after a random scroll through her feed. Purnima is an illustrator and a stylist at NDTV. Check her out as @purnim._bisht on Instagram and thank us later.


Fathima Hakkim

“The journal of a Messed Up head” is how she is defining her Instagram. An Artist, an architect who sees herself as a person first and an artist then is absolutely an account you should follow if you want your dose of positivity. You may find her singing, reciting poems, posting about life and hope and most of all, her illustrations and the storytelling with the illustrations are what makes her content, more so positive. Find her on Instagram as @fattima_hakkim.



An Illustrator, Designer, Painter, and creator around mental health awareness, Sarvya’s feed is a support to all those trying to make a conversation around mental health. She is using her art to create interesting awareness posts about mental health. The best part is that her art simplifies the difficult conversations around mental health. You can find her as @sarvya_attarluri on Instagram.



This is quite a young creator but an account we have been loving these days. This account gives hope and can often be found reading positive quotes by different writers and illustrations and images of hope in pastel shades give the taste of life.

So, these were a few creators you can check out on Instagram and follow to get your daily dose of positivity. We have handpicked each of them and we know that they are one of the finest in spreading positivity and joy.

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