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Five Instagram accounts you should follow to get your dose of news and to remain socio-politically updated 

Get your daily dose of news and information by following these Instagram accounts


Instagram is basically a pool of content. Think about what kind of content you want to see and you will find people and accounts who are interested and are creating content around what you are looking for. Where mostly, it is considered as a place to just post pictures, watch funny reels, find memes and entertain oneself, honestly, Instagram is something more than it. Not Instagram actually, but the people on Instagram. You just need to find them out based sort of content you are looking for.


So, here, if you are looking forward to those you can give you your daily dose of news and socio-political awareness, here are the accounts you need to check out.


1. Faye Dsouza

Faye, a journalist, feminist and a tree hugger as she calls herself is an independent journalist who has won all the hearts on Instagram in the past few months. She started her career in Journalism in 2003, served as a senior editor at Mirror Now, won 2018 The RedInk Award for ‘Journalist of the Year’ and then left the organisation because of the political influences of the channel and further keeping the spirit of Journalism, started using Instagram to do the work that she wants to do. She has started a series called ‘News That Should Be Headlines’ on her Instagram where she posts all the important news of the day. If you feel like you are missing any news update of the day, head on to Faye’s page and get your news bit. Also, she has now started doing the debates and discussions with experts too, and that is more than just worthy to check.


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2. Newsworthywithab


The second account that you must look up to is Anubha Bhonsle’s ‘News Worthy with Ab’. Anubha is also a journalist who started her career in 1999 with Zee, then she worked with CNN News 18 as a senior editor, further received a few fellowships and has till now worked with several organisations on different news and multimedia projects. On Newsworthy, she talks about what is newsworthy. Amid the pandemic, through her page, she has come up with at length analysis of COVID related statistics.


3. Abhi&Niyu

A couple of content creators – Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha Niyati Mavinkurve started Abhi&Niyu with the initials of their names. These two creators’ collaborative blog is all about things that matter. They talk about issues, policies and problems that we are dealing with in our lives and probable questions we must ask and solutions to get rid of it. Interestingly, they both make certainly useful and extremely well-researched videos and easy to understand.


4. Notyournewspaper


A collaborated instagram blog by Sarah Modak and Natasha Maheshwari aiming to simplify the current issues for you. This blog page is specifically using creative ways and good infographics to decode the current issues in simpler and easy to understand language and terms and they are doing a really good job there.




Last but not the least, this blog page is about Economics, Politics and Anti caste content by a budding Bahujan Economist. The guy behind it really decodes and puts content, which not only has a great research value but authenticity too. The blog is blooming and it is worth following.

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