Raksha Bandhan: Innovative ideas to celebrate it with your sibling

Make your day more memorable with these Innovative ideas to celebrate the day with your sibling.

Raksha means protection and Bandhan means bond. Raksha Bandhan is not only about the vows of protection given to a sister by his brother but also symbolizes emotional bond between siblings.

With the significant change in time this ceremony has not just been restricted to celebrate brother-sister, although it is largely celebrated among the brother’s duo, sister’s duo or friends. This undying love and affection in the form of a string is known as Rakhi.

As we are under the fear of COVID-19, the grandness of your celebration has been affected a lot, but the spirit of the day should not fade away.  So, here we are gifting to some innovative ideas to celebrate this Rakhi with your siblings.

  1. Video party

If your siblings are far away from you and it is very difficult for you to travel, definitely you must be dependent on video calls. To make this conversation a bit more interesting, through a video party, you can play your favourite music, groove on your favourite songs and if possible, keep the favourite snacks so that you don’t feel detached. So, make it a best party ever.

  1. Play indoor games

Now, this category is not restricted to board games like ludo, chess or monopoly. You can play video games and if you are blessed with high-speed internet connection, then you can utilize this day on online multiplayer games. If you want to keep it old school, then board games aren’t a bad option. You can also include other family members in your squad and play games like cards, carom, dumb charades etc.

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  1. Cook together

Innovative ideas

You might be not a really great chef but this activity will really strengthen your bond with your brother or sister. Try to team up and cook some innovative meals together. You can also prepare each other’s favourite desserts and sweets like ladoo, gulab jamun, rasgulla or any other item. If you don’t know how to make it, just go for some online tutorials and pick an easy one for you.

  1. Go for a picnic or a movie party

Regarding the protocols of coronavirus, if you and your sibling are in the same town, then you can also go for a small outing. After lockdown, this will be a very refreshing change in your mundane routine and also an opportunity to show your love and care towards the family. Going for a Movie party is also a great option.

Note: you should always follow corona guidelines. Wear a mask and keep to social distancing norms at public places.

  1. Netflix and chill!

Innovative ideas

If you don’t want to step out then how about having a movie party at home? Either you are under one roof or not, you can always binge-watching some new web shows or movies on OTT platforms. This is a perfect idea to spend your special day. For nostalgia, you can also watch any favorite show or movie of childhood like the Harry Potter series, Tom and Jerry, or Mr. bean.

  1. Recreating Epic moments

It’s time to recreate those golden days. You must have some epic, amazing and funny photographs of you with your siblings in some really unique and hilarious poses. So, just get ready with similar costumes and try to pose the same. Post them on social media and see if they go viral on not. Whether there is an increase in your following or not but your memories will definitely be going to revive. This activity will be a joyous ride for you and for your friends and family.

So, these are our suggestions to make your sibling’s day a bit more special. But if you are going to plan it in a very distinct way, do let us know about it. And don’t forget to buy a unique Rakhi gift.

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