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Indra Nooyi Found asking pay raise Cringe – worthy, Twitter ask are you serious?

I Finds It Cringe-Worthy To Ask For Pay Raise-Indra Nooyi, Tweepals said you deserve slow claps!

Have you ever asked for a raise? What did you feel when you were asking for it? Did you feel ‘Cringe worthy’? No! However, the former chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi felt so.

In an interview with the New York Times Magazine, Nooyi opened up about her career choices. When a question was asked by the interviewer that Why she never asked for a raise? She came up with a very astonishing reply, “I do not know. I find it cringe-worthy. I cannot imagine working for somebody and saying my pay is not enough. My husband and I talk about it all the time. He goes, ‘This is more money than we ever thought we would make, so forget it.’ He is that way too.”

While Indra Nooyi may have her reasons to say the following statement, people on the internet could not digest it. While many made fun of her, others just said she would never know the importance of a raise for ordinary people considering she was a CEO.

Tweeterathis miffed over Indra Nooyi’s remark

Twitter user wrote:

“This is cringe-worthy and shocking from Indra Nooyi. Maybe she was unique. However, most of us are paid less than men! In the largest paper, I used to joke that they prefer women not because they believe in equality but because they pay us LESS!”

Another Tweeterathi slammed Indra Nooyi by making her realize the position of people employed in PepsiCo.

“Indra Nooyi says she would never ask for a raise. She was the seventh highest-paid CEO in the world. Of course, she does not need a raise. The people working at Pepsi struggling to get raise. They overwork and and they are underpaid. Therefore, her pockets could be full. Give them a raise so they can survive.”

Journalist Shiba Kurain also wrote about the prevailing patriarchy and gender pay gap.

“Slow clap! How to inspire women who have to fight the gender pay gap and patriarchy daily despite the same set of duties and tasks they discharge as their male counterparts? I find this statement cringe-worthy. Not everybody is Indra Nooyi.”

Most of the Twitterathis found this statement of Indra Nooyi ‘Cringe Worthy’. Many women in India are dealing with a massive gender pay gap. And some may not have the courage to stand up for themselves as they are burdened with patriarchy. On the top, the statement that came from the most influential woman will do no good to their situation.

What does the data say about the gender pay gap?

Let us look at what statistics say about the gender pay gap in India. The data is based on the stats given World Economic Forum. The report says India has slipped 28 places in the Global Gender Gap report 2021. Moreover, India is one of the worst performers in South Asia. Among 156 nations, India ranked at 140.

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Political empowerment had taken a major dip from 23.9 % to 9.1%.

The opportunity gap and the economic participation saw a decline of 3% compared to 2020.

The educational attainment front India is at 114th position.

The data also shows that it will take over 130 years to bridge this gap. The worldwide pandemic had left a major impact on women than men.If any women in the future feel that they are being underpaid, and communicate their thoughts to the concerned authorities, they may be slammed with the example of Indra Nooyi.

The fact is that not every woman is appointed at such a high rank and privileged with such a high salary.

What do you feel about her statement? Tell us in the comments.

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