Indian Weddings that have been non-conservative and unconventional in every sense

Some not so conventional and conservative weddings in India

Indian is a land where marriage is such an ambition, a celebration of a life goal achieved. The hype is such that it is not just the two people involved in the wedding matter but the whole family which sees the ritual as a part of their lives, something that affects us all. And the one thing about which the Indian family is very particular is the rituals and traditions associated with marriage. Yet there are some times when we see people breaking the stereotypes around marriages and take a step forward to make their wedding unconventional. One world news has listed a few no so conservative and conventional weddings in India which have made us all that thee are weddings that can make a difference.


1. MP Bride refused to take the gold and gifts at the wedding, instead used the money to plant trees

We never thought environmental consciousness can shape in this way. A rural Madhya Pradesh’s wife chooses not to take gold and gifts that the tradition of MP says, are given by the in-laws of the bride. The 22-year science graduate chooses to invest that money to plant 10,000 saplings for the same amount.


2. IRS officer chooses not to spend money on the wedding, instead, they opted for donating money to farmers


Weddings are one of those life goals in which people plan to invest for years. Lavish weddings have become a dream of people. And in such a contemporary time, the IRS officer Abhay Deware with his wife Priti Kumbhare choose to not spend a lot on their wedding and managed to donate money to the farmers and their families who have committed suicide because of debts and crop failure. The couple donated Rs 20,000 to around 10 families and invested Rs 52,000 for the book in the libraries of Amaravati.



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3. Not that conventional lehenga, Sanjana attended her wedding with not-so-wedding wear attire



Well, when we think of a bride, we picture them as per the custom attires meant for weddings. In a traditional Indian wedding, we can generally picture them in red lehengas for sure. But this bride, Sanjana made an unusual choice of wearing a formal pantsuit with a traditional dupatta breaking the stereotype around what women should be wearing on their wedding day.


4. Smashing the patriarchy, this groom bows down to take ashirwaad of his wife


In a Bengali wedding, as per the traditions, the wife is supposed to bow down to touch the feet of the husband to get the ashirwaad. Breaking the tradition coated over patriarchy, the groom did the same for the bride and touched her feet to take her blessings. agree or disagree, this was really unconventional.


5. Breaking the taboos, this Gujarat businessman invites widows 18000 widows



The traditional taboos state it to be unreligious to have widows at a wedding. breaking this taboo, the businessman of Gujarat, Jitendra Patel invited as many as 18000 widows to give their best wishes to his son and daughter-in-law at their wedding.


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