Indian TV Shows That Became Meme Content

5 Indian TV Shows that became meme content and made us laugh hard!

Indian TV shows are full of saas-bahu drama, regressive content with vamps wearing weird make-up. To be honest, still, it has managed to captivate women and even men for a really long period of time. In most of the serials female protagonist is expected to be an ideal daughter-in-law with some magical powers. Because at the end of the day whatever happens the female-lead has to take the matter into her own hands to save the people around her. We are not criticising the entire industry but definitely talking about the reality. Here is a list of 5 Indian TV shows that became content.

A lot of times, we have watched scenes that have no logic. To simply put, we watch these shows to update our meme folder.

1.Saath Nibhana Sathiya

This show consists of more than 80 episodes and already has telecasted a plethora of cringe-worthy scenes. It is a laughing stock for everybody,  but it caught major attention of the masses when music producer and singer, Yash Mukhate made a hilarious jingle out of it which went viral.  That single video revived the career of the entire star cast.

Undoubtedly, We have played that ‘rasode mai kon tha’ on loop but will never forgive you for this. (Saath Nibhana Sathiya season 2).

Apart from this, there are episodes too that make this serial top-notch meme content. Do you remember when Gopi Bahu decides to ‘wash’ the laptop?

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2.Sasural Simar ka

It might be one of the most loved Indian TV shows but it gained a lot of popularity for its No-Logic scenes where the protagonist becomes a fly. Like, seriously?

One of the funniest scenes was when a character Pari gets herself entangled in a curtain -How one can do that? We were wondering – Kahan se aate hai Writer ko aise Ideas?

3.Kasam se


If someone knows how to create complete chaos in terms of special effects and zoom in zoom out, then the award will go to Kasam Se.

Taking about its most viral scene which introduces the female lead Prachi Desai in a car whose face was revealed to the male protagonist Ram Kapoor as the car’s window roll down. This scene was shown in the most dramatic way possible by rewinding it, flashing lights, making it blank and white, sound effects and all other special effects.

This was so absurd that it seems, they don’t have enough dialogues, so was just trying to fill the space will special effects.



The list is not only limited to Hindi TV soaps. In fact, there are many regional shows who have raised the bar very high when it comes to becoming meme content. 

You may not be familiar with the name of the show, Krishnakoli, but might have come across a hilarious scene that has challenged medical science and people’s intellect.

There are many instances where we have seen TV serials using the wrong kinds of props and costumes, but this serial has gone a bit too far.

The scene transports us to the operation theatre where a doctor is trying to revive a patient’s heartbeat by using an actual Scotch Brite bathroom scrubber as a defibrillator. Yes, the actual green coloured bathroom scrubber was used here. We hope someone cancels his medical licence. This left the viewers in splits and the screenshots went viral on the internet.

5. Chandralekha

The spectacular Tamil show called Chandrasekhar. We  know that South Indian films and TV shows don’t really believe in science but this show has raised questions on physics, chemistry, biology and everything.

An assassin shoots a woman right in her skull, but to our surprise, she was perfectly fine and talking and smiling through most of the scenes. The man beside her gets a panic attack and was struggling to get her to the hospital. But this woman with a bullet shot in her head was coming up with her last wish and wants to put gajra in her hair. This woman has got some superpowers!

There are many such scenes that have the capability to get enlisted. So if you are familiar with some, mention them in the comments.

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