Top 10 Instagram Accounts that you can follow to stay updated, thank us later! 

Are you looking for genuine content on Instagram? We have a list, take a look!

Instagram which was initially intended for the exchange of ideas, sharing of content and information with images in the real-time has now bent a little more into entertainment rather than being informational. It’s difficult to find Instagram accounts these days that are giving real good content, and not just TikTok or memes. In this article, we will tell you about 10 Instagram accounts from various sectors, be it news, environment, social welfare, photography or just a good message.

1. Faye Dsouza


Faye Dsouza became the social media sensation when she left Mirror Now and started off her journey of independent journalism. On her Instagram account, you will get to know things that matter. From trending news to the analysis of important news, you will get everything important in an unbiased manner.

2. Museum of tomorrow


Great captions, eye-opening facts and an Instagram account which can help you became more humane. Museum of tomorrow portrays climate change through an innovative speech. It translates distant and abstract issue into an immediate and tangible experience for the public.

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3. Save the Children India


Save the Children India is a one-stop destination for all your information about the challenges faced by children in India. The NGO believes that every child deserves the best chance for a bright future and their Instagram page will make you aware of what all should be done.

4. Leonardo Dicaprio


Do we even need to write anything this man? If brilliant acting was not enough, the Hollywood star took environmental causes to his profile and does a great job by creating awareness amongst people about it on his Insta profile.

5. Prashanthvishwanathan


Prashanth Vishwanathan, a photographer who attempts to paint a picture of reality. Do not forget to check it!



The United Kingdom-based Instagram account which shares amazing things about the planet must be in your following list. You will get to see amazing videos, infographics, images related to animals and nature on this account.

7. Siddharthajoshi


This guy believes in telling the real stories of people through his lens.

8. Hello giggles


It is an online community for women that covers the latest in culture, career, relationships, and issues that matter most to the lives of young women. It was founded by Molly McAleer, Zooey Deschanel and Sophia Rossi in 2011 as a place on the internet to smile and inspire.

9. Ravi Choudhary


Ravi is a Delhi-based photographer who is working with Press Trust of India and features some amazing portrait work on his Insta profile.

10. Upworthy


Upworthy Insta account is on a mission to tell stories that bring people together as they believe that we’re all part of the same story… Upworthy claims to be on a mission to change what the world pays attention to. They believe that stories about important issues should and can be great stories. Stories that connect everyone and help in changing the world.

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