Indian Government will soon hire crack team to boost India’s image on social media!

Modi Government plans to hire crack team for social media, here are all details!

According to reports, Indian Government is looking for a company to analyze social media posts to help boost nationalism and neutralize any “media blitzkrieg by India’s adversaries.”  The India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting informed it via a long post by saying, “Wants a company to provide analytical software and a team of 20 professionals to power a real-time New Media command Room.”

Social Media Sites

According to the tender, they will monitor Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Internet forums and even email in order to analyze sentiments, identify fake news, disseminate information on behalf of the government and inject social media posts with a positive slant for India.

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Notably, Under Narendra Modi’s administration, the Indian ministries are active on social media platforms. They keep on sharing new policies on twitter but now Modi government wants more powerful social media tools to boost nationalism in the country.

Source: Hindustan Times

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