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Starting from scratch to earning in cores, here are 4 success stories of Indian women entrepreneurs

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There is no force powerful than a woman who is determined to rise. Patriarchy, gender pay gap, sexist-environment, workplace policies etc are just small hindrances on women’s path to success. Despite the existence of such factors in our Indian society, some of the Indian women have soared high. They have left no stones unturned. Thanks to these powerful ladies that, they have faced struggles, challenges and made their way to the top list of entrepreneurs in India. This has not only helped the society economically but also has done a lot in terms of exposing the potential that women hold.

Here are 4 success stories of Indian women entrepreneurs

1. Neeta Adappa, Prakriti Herbals

Bengaluru- based Neeta Adappa had an R&D and quality control job at a pharmaceutical company but was frustrated with a monotonous routine. In 1995 at the time when there were very few entrepreneurs, Neeta founded Prakriti Herbals with Anisha Desai, her college junior. The duo started with Neeta’s garage with just Rs 10,000 and a year of researching, formulating skin and hair care products, and trying them out on family and friends. Today her brand has gained the trust of five-star-rated hotels.

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2. Japna Rishi Kaushik, Hungry Foal

Japna Rishi Kaushik graduated with food technology from Punjabi University in Patiala and was working for corporate. In January 2016, she discovered the critical state of malnutrition among children in India. Japna and her husband Vivek Kaushik started Hungry Foul. It sells nutritional snack priced at Rs 5 and Rs 10 per unit. And the startup now clocks approximately Rs 3.6 crore.

3. Paya Mittal Agarwal, Tranquilitea

Paya Mittal Agarwal had an interesting encounter with a woman in Solvenia, which made her realise the popularity of Indian teas. Payal after her return from Solvenia joined a tea factory owner who was looking to start a chain of tea boutiques. Today the startup offers 100 different blends of tea, and also offers customized teas as well.

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5. Pritika Singh, Tvakh

A postgraduate student of biotechnology at the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology in Punjab, Pritika learnt that most skincare products contain toxic chemicals that are harmful in the long term. She later joined cosmetic research and development teams at corporate organizations to learn more about the industry but was disappointed by their practices. Keeping this in mind she started her own natural hair and skincare line Tvakh in 2016. She began with just making aloe vera gel from her kitchen. Priti expects revenues to reach Rs 10 crore this year.

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