How Armed Forces are playing an important role in India to curb the spread of COVID-19

7 ways how Armed Forces have helped the country so far at the time of a global pandemic

Although the health care workers are in the frontline to battle the global pandemic but the armed forces are also playing a crucial role to help the affected people. The deadly outbreak hasn’t just put the infected people in an agonizing position but it has also pained those people who are locked inside their home. Health care workers are fighting one battle inside the hospital and the armed forces are wrestling other the battle outside the hospital. While Doctors and Nurses are saving lives by providing medications to affected people, the armed forces are ensuring that the country gets all the required essential commodities while they are locked inside their home. In this article we will witness, how important role our armed forces are playing in the battle against coronavirus.

Here’s how Armed Forces have helped so far?

1. 6 quarantine facilities have been prepared by armed forces in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, Manesar, Hindon and Chennai. More than 1700 people have been kept at these facilities, of whom 400 have been released. Three positive cases were referred to the hospital.

2. 15 such facilities are being prepared which can accommodate 7,000. The Army runs 6 in Bhopal, Babina, Kolkata, Jhansi, Binnaguri and Barmer. Indian Air Force’s 6 such centers which are on standby are in Kanpur, Hyderabad, Bhatinda, Deolali, Agra and Gorakhpur. The Navy has 3 such facilities in Kochi, Visakhapatnam and Chilka.

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3. 5 armed forces hospitals’ test labs are made part of the national grid. These are Air Force Command hospital, Bangalore; Army Hospital (Research & Referral), Delhi Cantt; Command Hospital (Central Command) Lucknow; AFMC, Pune; and Command Hospital (Northern Command), Udhampur.

4. Around 51 armed forces hospitals are preparing dedicated coronavirus facilities including High Dependency Units (a scaled-down version of an ICU), and ICU beds.

5. Special Indian Air Force flights have evacuated people and carried medical supplies. A C-17 Globemaster III carried 15 tonnes of supplies to China and while returning, airlifted 125 persons including Indians. It brought back 58 stranded Indians from Iran. Recently, C-130J Super Hercules aircraft has ferried 6.2 tonnes of medicines to Maldives. 1 Army Medical Corp team was deployed in the Maldives between March 13-21.

6. 6 Naval ships are ready to assist neighbouring countries if the government asks them to. 5 medical teams are also on standby for deployment in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Afghanistan and Bhutan.

7. IAF transport fleet has airlifted almost 60 tonnes of stores to various parts of the country. 21 helicopters and 28 fixed-wing aircrafts are on standby.

Note: We have not kept the extra-ordinary help provided by the Indian para-military.

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