India will release 11 Pakistani Prisoners today: Reports

Will this friendly gesture work for India?

Will this Gesture Work ?

Today, India will release 11 civil Pakistani prisoners as they have completed their sentence. The Indian side is considering this as a ‘Goodwill Gesture’. The unofficial meeting between Modi and Sharif in SCO. The Officials said that it was the first time when the two leaders met after Sharif’s Operation, Modi enquired about Sharif’s health and his family.

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The Relationships will get Better

The ties between the two countries are not very good at this point of time, the Kulbhushan Case is still pending, which will be heard in August in ICJ. Notably, this decision of the releasing of Pakistani Prisoners cannot determine the stoppage of the anti- India activities from Pakistani side.

Steps Taken for The Sake of Good Relations with Pakistan

The clause that has been given by the officials are said to be Goodwill Gesture, but till how long this will be benefit India? As per the reports, India’s 132 citizens are there In Pakistani Jail and 57 of them have completed their sentence but Pakistan is demanding a Proof for the Citizenship from India for their release. Few days back two kids Ali Reza and Babar who accidently crossed the LOC from Punjab with their Uncle Mohammad Shehzad were released by Indian Authorities but the man was detained. The decision of their release was delayed because of the Pakistan as they announced death sentence to Jadhav.

This was necessary During this Tense Scenario

The continuous cease- fire violations in Kashmir and the stand of Pakistan in context of Indo-Pakistan relationship is somewhere very unclear. The situations of Borders, the on- going Tension which is increasing day by day. Will these violent and anti-neighbour activities of Pakistan can be diminished through these Goodwill Gestures? Diplomatic ways are still preferred by India and especially in context to Pakistan. As diplomacy is highly required to maintain World Peace.

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