India ranked third terror suffering country: American reports

American reports lists countries facing terror

   Terror Attacks and Ranking Statistics

American foreign agency has given the latest results of terror suffering countries. According to results, India ranks third among most attacked countries in 2016. While India ranked third, Pakistan on the other hand, stood fourth. The Foreign agency said in its reports that by facing 2,965 terrorist attacks, Iraq became the most terror facing country followed by Afghanistan which faced 1,340 terrorist attacks last year.

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India had faced 927 whereas Pakistan witnessed 734 terrorist attacks and stood third and fourth respectively. Agency said that more than half of the attacks in India were in just four states. These are Jammu and Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, Manipur, and Jharkhand. Kashmir faced 19 percent, 18 percent in Chhattisgarh, 12 in Manipur and 10 percent attacks took place in Jharkhand. The agency said that it is credible on the geographical results. It also said that in comparison to 2015, Jammu and Kashmir faced 93 percent more attacks in 2016.

America’s Report

In its yearly report, the agency said that the increment in the number of terrorist attacks in India is 16 percent. At the same time, India faced 17 percent more civil casualties in 2016. However, on the matter of casualties, India had a much better stand as compared to other countries. According to reports, India faced 0.4 deaths per attack in 2016 while rest of the world suffered from 2.4 deaths per terrorist attack.

Deadliest Attack

The report said that deadliest attack in India last year was in the month of July. This responsibility of this attack was taken by Maoists. They attacked the CRPF soldiers in Bihar with grenades and heavy bullet firings. This resulted in a death of 16 common persons along with 6 Naxalites.

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