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India China standoff: What India should bedo, is it the time to get angry

Should India cut ties with China and change foreign policy on Taiwan and Hong Kong

The death of 20 soldiers in the Galwan Valley, Ladakh during the confrontation with Chinese forces has angered Indian citizens. Security forces of both the countries engaged in a deadly conflict for the first time in 45 years along the undefined Line of Actual Control. It is reported that the Chinese side also saw 43 casualties including injuries. The bilateral-relation between two Asian powerful countries went all-time low after the confrontation. The deadly conflict came days after the two countries seemed to have settled the six-weeks-long-eyeball confrontation.

India building a new road in the most remote and vulnerable area of their country along the border of Line of Actual Control in Ladakh is believed to have triggered the Chinese aggressive stance. Now India can move men and material rapidly in the case of a conflict. China itself has been building infrastructure along the border but India never raised official concern. Now that India started building roads in its own territory, Beijing seems to have a problem. This is outrageous.

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Chinese used rods and nail-studded clubs to attack Indian soldiers

Sources say that even though the two sides didn’t involve in firing shots, but rival soldiers exchanged blows, threw punches and stones at each other. Chinese troops even used rods and nail-studded clubs to attack Indian soldiers during the brawl that lasted for 6 hours.

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury believes that this escalation underlines the scale of problem and challenges ahead for India on how to deal with the Xi Jinping-led China. He says in one editorial that China is taking advantage of the geopolitical distraction by twisting the crisis into a strategic opportunity.

India China standoff

What should India do?

The death of 20 soldiers has increased the anti-China sentiments in India. People on Twitter are expressing their outrage saying we should cut ties with China. They are also suggesting India to change our foreign policies regarding the Hong-Kong and Taiwan issue in the world. People are suggesting the Indian government to openly support Taiwan and Hong Kong and criticize China for interfering in these countries.

Experts also believe that India should change its stance about China on the world portal. They also think that we should revive and strengthen the relationships with our neighbours especially Nepal. It is of utmost importance to build solidarities against aggressive China. India should maintain internal peace and harmony and stand together with the bigger enemy who wants to encroach our land.

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