India after abolishing Section 377

India after section 377

India after Section 377: Will the Prejudice get abolished? 

The Supreme Court ruled on 6th September about the section 377 is not much about sex as it is about freedom- the freedom to perform equal rights and enjoy the dignity and privacy in their personal life without any interference of the government. This comes as a great news for the LGBTQ+ community, whose idea of what is ‘natural’ has arrived from their sexual orientation.

India after section 377

The society after the verdict

So, with the decision, all types of sexual intercourse between the consulting adult has become legal. The court had tried to disseminate a feeling of acceptance for the homo-community. The verdict has been beautifully written in order to make the decision clear. They said yes to pride but what about the social stigma which still prevails intensely in the society? What about the prejudice?

The prejudice that still makes them the target of those death stares. The prejudice that makes one feel insulted for their gender identity. The prejudice because of which still the homosexuals hesitate to reveal their gender identity to their parents. What about the majority of the audience who believes that it is okay to like a person of your same sex but marrying is something ‘unacceptable’.

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According to many, only a heterosexual couple can form a “family” as only they would be able to reproduce together and thus nullifying the concept of a homosexual couple raising an adopted child. Well, here again, there is a catch that even after the section 377 verdict the journey of the LGBTQ+ community is a long way to go till the court make the marital and adoption laws for them.

Moreover, people believe that the society is still the same, no matter whatever the decision is and probably this decision will hamper the essence of the society.


However, while passing the judgment the court said, “History owes an apology to the LGBTQ+ community. They were denied the fundamental rights to equality, the right against discrimination and the right to live with dignity.” But we have to ask ourselves- Is the freedom to love still a freedom when the stigma around homosexuality still persist?

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