Healthy living: Health Coach Preety Tyagi explains ‘Incredible Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

How & why Mustard Oil should be a part of your diet?


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Picture this scene from the iconic movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge – Tujhe Dekha toh yeh jana sanam is playing. Kajol is running towards Sharukh. And, and that sarson ka khet.

It has been recreated, revisited and relived a million times by all of us (let’s accept it already). But, let us rewind a little and go back to that sarson ka khet. Why? Right?

Sarson or mustard is a common ingredient that we will find in almost every Indian kitchen. Mustard oil is an integral part of our everyday cooking. This is because it possesses various health benefits such as-

It is high in MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids)- MUFA is healthy fat molecules which provides for a healthy heart. It is a healthy choice (just like olive oil) for people with cardiovascular problems.



Preeti Tygai, a health coach who is also the founder of My22BMI says, “Mustard oil is also perfect for our stomach and digestion. It provides heat that helps in the breaking down of food and converting it to energy.” She also added,  “It has anti-fungal, anti-viral  and anti -bacterial properties. It helps in protecting us from various infections.”


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Skin and Hair Benefits

It also ensures oral health as it keeps our teeth strong, clean and healthy.      Being rich in Vitamin E, it is extremely good for our skin. It provides elasticity to our skin, keeping it wrinkle-free and smooth. It can also be used externally to get rid of acne and rashes. It also prevents the premature greying of hair. As mustard oil provides heat, it has been a go-to solution for Indians for curing cough and cold. This is done by rubbing the oil on our chest or the sole of our feet.

Mustard Oil is perfect for Indian cooking 


From farm to the kitchen- know where your oil is sourced from

A significant point that was highlighted by Preeti was, “It is important to know where the oil is being sourced from. Since mustard oil is locally produced in India, we can easily get pure, organic oil, provided we know where to get it from. The chances of adulteration in mustard oil are very high, so we need to be aware of the source. If sourced well, it is an excellent oil.”


Be a well- informed consumer 

So, as a consumer, it is not only important to know the benefits of what we are consuming, but also make a well-informed decision when buying the product. If purchased from the wrong place, a product with various benefits can also end up ruining our health. So, let us be an aware consumer and take care!


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