In the rainy night of Delhi he came as an umbrella to rescue me: Part 3

Akash has finally proposed Shruti. Now what will she do?

Before I could utter a single word he again asked, “Will you make me your umbrella for every monsoon season. I promise I will never let the rain of sorrows fall upon you?” Oh! That was so sweet of him (I whispered) but still I was not sure. Every single word that he was speaking was insisting me to say ‘Yes’.

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There was no fancy restaurant, there was no expensive ring, and no violin was playing at the back. It was simple yet so fairy.

I finally closed my eyes to deep think about it. I was not sure. I was at the peak of my career and I wasn’t ready for a relationship. But then, I took a deep breath and said “Yes”. (Sometimes you are not required over think. You just have to go with the flow. You never know when you will get that one person who will be completely yours.) He insisted me to repeat, repeat, and repeat. And I kept repeating! People around along with him started cheering. The tea- seller asked, “Bhaiya ek aur cup bana de.”(In a sarcastic way)

When love is in the air then who can cut the supply

While he was busy in celebrating his joy, I was just observing him. I was happy, nervous and excited too. I was searching for love from quite a long time. And I never expected that Akash will make my dreams come true.

From past few years, I was so busy in building my career that I had no time for love. On that day, I realized my life was like a cold night of winter and he came as sunlight to rejuvenate me. Finally, the rain stopped and we left for our places. He asked, ‘Chale?’ This time when I sat on the bike, I didn’t keep my bag between us. I kept my hand on his shoulder and said, ‘Chalo’.

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I found Akash on that rainy night of Delhi. He came as an umbrella to rescue me. Sometimes you need not to search love, it’s already there. You just have to identify it.

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