In Conversation with Lucky Ali and Eliezer Cohen Botzer about their Collaboration for the Album ‘Lemalla’

“Lemalla, The whole album is a discovery in itself for me” – Lucky Ali. Read our Conversation with Lucky Ali and Eliezer Cohen Botzer about their collaboration for the Album ‘Lemalla’

‘Lemalla’ is an album, born out of serendipity, when two free-spirited artists, from two different parts of the world, found each other in 2017. The chance discovery of each other’s artistic selves, sowed the seeds of this cross-cultural project with Lucky Ali and Eliezer Cohen Botzer. Amaraya, is the second single from their album. The first single under ‘Lemalla’ was ‘On My Way’ which was as magical as the second one, Amaraya.

We got a chance to have a conversation with Lucky Ali and Eliezer Cohen Botzer (ECB) about Lemalla and the second single, Amaraya and here is what they said –

ISHIKA TO ECB: Amaraya is a great fusion of two different yet promising cultural voices. We are curious to know what Amaraya means to you?

ECB: The word Maraya in Arabic means mirrors. The “A” we added to the name of the song symbolizes the oneness of all humans. “We’re all mirrors and reflections of each other” is what we sing in the course of the song…

ISHIKA TO LA: The Making of the Album, Lemella must have been quite a journey for you. And since the second single, ‘Amaraya’ is out, what are your thoughts about Amaraya and about Lemalla as well?

LA: Lemalla, The whole album is a discovery in itself for me. The music found its way through like-mindedness, a connection that we all felt and made through the process of discovering each other, our cultures, and our connection, which was expressed through music. It is an attempt to bridge the gap, musically and otherwise. While working on the project we also realised we had more similarities, culture-wise as well. Amaraya is one of the songs we composed in that space, it talks about all of us being reflections of each other.

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ISHIKA TO ECB: Lucky Ali is one of India’s most sensational voices. We would be delighted to know about your experience of collaborating with Ali.

ECB: It’s a huge honour for me. Lucky is a friend and a teacher, his vision of life is full of inspiration and love to people and creation, creativity is always in his environment. We played music, sang, studied and prayed together, the journey together with Lucky is a huge presence of discovery and connection.

ISHIKA TO LA: I believe that ‘Lemalla’ has been introducing Botzer to Indian music lovers, while Botzer’s Israeli Rock Musician is one of a kind in itself. So, how has been your experience of working with Botzer?

LA: So, when they arrived at my farm in India in 2017, we hit it off immediately and were on to discussing music and ideas, in the process, we discovered how similar we were. I knew it was a good thing to be associated with and we were binding as musicians and as friends. What’s important is the vibe that you feel and you feel it if it’s there truly. The vibe has to be right, the feeling has to be right, the love has to be there. You should have faith in what you are doing. Eli is a happy soul, a simple guy who is a responsible musician.


Lucky Ali and Eliezer Cohen Botzer

“Writing and composing songs is my way of connecting and discovering from when I was a child. My musical career started 10 years ago after releasing my first album in Israel.” – ECB

ISHIKA to ECB: Tell us about the process of making ‘Amaraya’. Take us through some memories and lighter moments that you shared with Ali while making ‘Amaraya’.

ECB: The song “Amaraya” was written together in Lucky’s studio that’s on his beautiful and inspiring farm in Bangalore, we came with our team from Israel and spent a very productive time together with Lucky and his team. Sharing ideas, writing lyrics that came up in our dialogues and compositions through playing and singing together. The pure environment of nature in Lucky’s farm opened our hearts to share ideas and emotions in a way that also created true friendships.

When two like minds meet, magic happens and we can see that magic in ‘Lemalla’. Less did the world know that the result of the creative and meaningful time that the two artists spent together, journeying through different parts of India and Israel will bring something so soulful out. The first two installments of the album have been extremely soulful and we are excited about the rest.

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