How Comic Books Impact our reading habit?

Comic Books Impact our Mental Health and Uplift our mood

Many of us have the habit of reading books in our leisure time and they are our best friends too. You might like to read books of different genres but we are sure comics are your first choice when it comes to enjoying reading and refreshing your mood. Comic Books impact the imagination of children, teens and even adults. Most of us have read them when we were kids and do you remember we use to hide them in our textbooks and read them between the lectures!

 Comic Books Impact
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As we grew up there impact decreased, but still, they have a tremendous appeal in our lives and we love to enjoy hilarious tales. The comic has a great impact on lives because some of them make us laugh, some of them show us the mirror that what is happening in our society and some make us think about a particular issue more critically.

They have become more popular among youngsters and even are a style statement. Such as their tattoos and body paints are becoming extremely popular. This craze is continuously growing and the most popular among them are Batman, Tom and Jerry.

 Comic Books Impact
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What people have to say?

Fancy dresses and accessories “In the fancy dress competition kids like to dress up like their favourite comic characters such as Batman, iron man and various types of superheroes. This trend is really boosting up as children love to copy their favourite characters”, says Sudha Chandra.

Not only in kids and young children the eye candy is that they are becoming themes for birthday parties and even pre-wedding parties are also organized on the theme of comic characters.

“I did a cocktail party before my wedding and kept the theme comic characters and believe me we had a good time fun”, says Ilika Saran

So, whether you believe or not believe comic books have a longtime effect on our minds. If you are also planning to hold a party at your place you can also try this unique theme to enjoy all-time favourite comics.

 Comic Books Impact
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Let us take a look at the other Benefits of reading Comic Books

According to Robert Weiner Comics are a form of social history and they tell us about the time. Comics have always been like any part of pop culture. They tell us something about who we are.  There are so many benefits of reading comics.

Let us take a look:

  • To read a comic is to engage in act of play and problem-solving.  They actually show the relationship between word and image.
  • Comics can teach you a lot about yourself. They show the mirror and make us laugh at the same time.
  • Reading comics just before you sleep can have a wonderful impact on your mind. It can help you to sleep better and uplift your mood at any given point.
  • They often make us believe in superheroes and it is actually good for our health. Superheroes inspire us in different ways.

How reading Comic Books can make you fall in love with reading?

Experts say that children should be indulged in reading from the beginning. A lot of mothers find it hard as at a young age children don’t enjoy reading. In that case, one can start from comic books. They can make anyone fall in love with reading. They are easier to read and offer lighter content. So if you or anyone around you is trying to inculcate reading habit, starting from the comic book as they can help a lot.  Comics are something that everyone can enjoy.

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