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Illustrator Priyanka Paul Called Out Kangana Ranaut on her remarks mocking mental health and appearance

Kangana Ranaut caught mocking mental health and appearance

Remember the woman who was shouting and declaring how mental health is a problem and also emphasised poor mental health as a reason for the beloved actor, Shushant Singh Rajput’s act of committed suicide. Remember, the woman who kept emphasising that she is a feminist and strongly supports women. Yeah, right! We are talking about Ms Kangana Ranaut who has recently been called out by Priyanka Paul, on Kangana’s mocking remarks on mental health and appearance.

Replying to a tweet which says that falling out and breaking down is completely normal, Priyanka, with the Twitter handle, @artwhoring said that she herself has had breakdowns and self-harm traits yet she lies in public about how she feels.


Replying to this, Kangana mocked Priyanka for ridiculing her appearance and for Priyanka, talking about her mental health. Kangana Wrote, “You have admitted you are suicidal, you are toxic, you even have a creepy appearance – what is it that you don’t have? Change that hairstyle ASAP and learn to meditate”, Kangana wrote.


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And then this is more from Kangana.

And in the final showdown, Kangana Blocked Priyanka!

Priyanka later took to her Instagram talking about the whole experience. She wrote, “The first slide I shared is about suicide/suicidal ideation/ breaking down….Wanted to immortalise the day Kangana Ranaut tried to do E-Lafda with me? and also continues to expose how she’s a nincompoop with no understanding of mental health or really anything AT ALL. Anyway here’s pix of me in my cute ass pink-purple hair and if my very queer hair makes you think I’m mentally ill (like many people have told me today) you can also f**k yourself”


So, first and foremost, Kangana, what offended you in Priyanka’s post? She was talking about mental health which is something you have always been an advocate for. No? And she is a strong and powerful woman, you always say you support. So, we wonder what this act proves about your feminism and your advocacy for mental health as this is something we can call as new lows.

And finally, there was a Twitter user who brought this to notice. And honestly, all that we are seeing is new lows and hypocritical behaviour of a woman who chooses to advocate mental health for Shushant but mocked Priyanka for the same.

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