‘Ignore Game’: How to make him passionately fall for you?

Men are predictable creatures:  Here is how to retain their attention?

Getting the attention of a man is not a difficult task, but holding on to it can be bit tricky.  Sometimes the way to a man’s heart is not his stomach, a lot of time you need to apply few tricks to win his heart.  Well, ‘Ignoring’ is the best policy. It might sound outdated or clichéd, but it actually works.  Men are very predictable creatures. If you chase them, they will run. If you are too needy, they pull away.  Guys love challenges and they like to chase. Today, we will tell you how to ignore them like a pro without offending them.

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1.Let him crave power:  Boys like to be powerful and successful and if you unconquerable, then it will be all he seeks. Do not worry about his giving up and quitting. Ignoring him only makes him work harder.

2.Make him crave for your attention:  Let’s be honest. Boys love admiration and attention. If you stop giving them your attention, they will work hard to get it.  The more he can’t have your attention, the more obsessive he becomes

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3.Tell him that you have control on your emotions: Sometimes, when you give them a lot of attention they take it for granted. Belittle mysteriously and ignore him.

4.Don’t let him think and he is the only one:  Never show him that he is the only one.  This will make him overconfident, and he definitely needs to see that you are in demand.

5.Last but not the least: know when to give a little:  You can play hard to get, but if you are like this, at some point he will get frustrated. So, you should be smart enough to understand when to give a little.

If you try to capture the attention of a guy who can get any girl he wants, then you should become the one who doesn’t give it to him. Ironically, that makes him want you more and more.

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