Iftar Menu Ideas: Try these easy menu tonight

It is always good to break the fast with food that pumps in lot of energy

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims observe a fast from dawn to dusk every day. Worshipers eat a meal before sunrise which is known as Sehri, after which they do not eat or drink water until after sunset when they have the iftar meal. Iftar meals bristle with varied delicacies. From rich mutton curries to lovely desserts and very refreshing and cooling sherbets. Since they abstain from eating and consuming water for the whole day, it is always good to break the fast with food that provides energy to the body.

Here are 5 wholesome dishes you can break your fast with

1.    Dum Biryani

Mutton pieces are marinated and cooked in a mouthwatering masala. These are layered alternatively with basmati rice and cooked on dum. Dum Biryani goes best with a cool bowl of raita.

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2.    Paya Curry

Paya is an Urdu word that denotes the trotter or foot. This recipe of Paya curry has sheep’s trotters, cooked in a luscious tomato-onion curry. It is best cooked slowly and for a longer time for the meat to get tender and acquire the best flavor. Paya Curry is perfect for the iftaar party at home.

3.    Haleem

Haleem is the rich mutton stew, popular in the Middle East and Asia. As common as it is in India, particularly in Hyderabad, it is suprising to know that Haleem actually that Persian roots. A delectable mutton preparations slow-cooked along with lentils, broken wheat and spicies.

4.    Chicken Shammi Kebab

Juicy chicken pieces are minced and mixed with channa dal and host of masalas. Work them up into patties and fry till crisp.

5.    Faalsa Sherbet

Nothing short of spectacular, take a sip of this refreshing healthy drink and trust us you will slurp on it all summer long!

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