If The Doctor Is Handsome, Keep The Apple Away!

If The Doctor Is Handsome, Keep The Apple Away!

When he walks the ramp, he makes many a women go weak in their knees and when he is not facing a camera he is busy stitching people back to health! An orthopedic surgeon based out of Jodhpur who is blessed with Greek-God looks, a healing hand and a noble soul, meet Dr. Manu Bora, who apart from all the established brands of the fashion industry, he has also walked the ramp for the Paris Fashion Week. One World News met Manu Bora, the practising doctor cum model at New Delhi’s Sports Injury Centre, Safdurjung hospital, who sets the ramp ablaze and hearts throbbing, with his chiselled face and sculpted body.


Tell us about this career switch?

I haven’t switched my career, I am still very much a surgeon, but I am also enjoying modelling in my off time.

So, what is the reaction of the female patients, when they see a hunk doctor?

I always make sure that everyone behaves properly in the hospital.

Did you ever help any of your model friends with your medical knowledge, off hand?

Yes, almost in every show and shoot. Not only models but also designers and photographers ask me about their medical problems,mostly related to back, shoulders, ankle, knee injuries, aches & pain and weight reduction. They often come to the hospital also to get the consultation, therapy and even surgery. They call me Dr.Sahab.


How much time has it been since you have been modelling and what has been your learning curve like?

It’s been around three or four years since I have been modelling, and my learning curve is that Modelling is like any other job, you have to take it seriously and stay grounded.

Tell us about your parent’s reaction towards modelling?

My family is very open-minded, they were okay with me doing anything else on the side, till I don’t neglect my patients.

How do you de-stress?

I de-stress myself by reading books, watching movies, listening to music, and recently, I have started practicing yoga too.

What do you have to advice to the aspiring models of today?

Stay focused, be disciplined and behave professionally.

Any plans to move to Bollywood, if offered?Doctor Is Handsome

I am not trying hard for it, but if offered then why not!

How was your first ramp experience, tell us something about it?

It was pretty easy and simple. I am a very secure and fearless guy, so nothing really scares me or alarms me.

Tell us about some of your interesting and established campaigns?

Sabhyasachi, Hemant and Lecoanet, Tarun Tahiliani, Varun Bahl, Raghavendra Rathore, Sunil Mehra, Coca Cola, Mufty Jeans, Peter England, Spunk, Octave clothings, Franco Leon shoes, Tata Cars, 100 pipers, etc.


What are your strong points?

I am a very simple, secure and serious guy. I like to live a very simple and disciplined life, and I don’t need anything out-of-the-box to be happy.

Are you a brand conscious person?

Brand doesn’t matter much. So, I am not a brand conscious person.

Tell us about your fitness mantra?

To be true, I don’t really have a fitness mantra. I love food, but I make sure I am disciplined about my gym and yoga. I am not one of those who can give up on food.

How do you manage your time between modelling and medicine?

Being a doctor is my first profession and my passion. I feel very blessed that God has given me an opportunity to serve others. Modelling is something I just stumbled upon. I try to fit modelling in my schedule whenever I can. My patients and medicines are always my first priority.

So, are you a model, who is also a doctor or are you a doctor, who is also a model?

I am a Surgeon, who is also now a model.


Tell us about your favorites.

Designers Indian:- Varun Bahl, Rohit Bal, Rishta by Arjun Saluja, Sabhyasachi, Annaikka by Kanika Saluja, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Tarun Tahiliani.
International Designers :- Comme des Garcons, Prada, Alexander Wang and Maison Martin Margiela.
Photographer: Tarun Khiwal, Bharat Sikka, Suresh Natrajan, Charu Datt, Tarun Vishwa, Anushka Menon.
Book: ‘Many lives many masters’ by Brian Weiss.
Mobile application: Any book-reader application.
Game: I love swimming.
Brand: Armani, Kenneth Cole, CK, Zara.
Colour: Black and White.
Holiday Destination: Goa.
Movie: My Sassy Girl {original Korean version}.
Actor: Aamir Khan.
Actress: Kajol.


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