Ideal Haircare Routine for Indian hair as per experts

What should be the ideal haircare routine for Indian hair? Experts share tips!

Hair Problems are common in India. Be it straight, wavy or curly, every hair type has its own needs. Pollution, stress and last year it was covid that contributed to hair fall problem. The market has a plethora of products that claim to be the best for your hair. Yet, to be honest, not every fancy product can suit your hair. We all need a hair care routine that works best for us. In that case, what should the ideal hair care routine be for Indian hair? We decided to compile some important tips given by the experts. Let us take a look at how you can curate an ideal haircare routine for yourself.  We talked to a couple of experts, here is what all they shared.

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Choose the Right Shampoo

First and foremost, it is important to choose the right shampoo according to your scalp. For example, if you have oily scalp do not choose a shampoo that has deep moisturizing properties. You need to get a better understanding of your scalp and the texture of your skin. (Click on the link to know how you can identify your hair texture). You can get your shampoo customized by Skincraft as well.

haircare routine
haircare routine

Do not Shampoo every day   

A lot of us think that we should shampoo our hair often due to dirt, humidity and Pollution but experts believe that’s a myth. If you shampoo your hair every day it can make your hair dry, especially when you have naturally dry hair.  According to hair experts, in your ideal hair care routine, you should wash your hair twice a week.

Do not forget the conditioner

Often we forget the conditioner after washing our hair but using a conditioner after every wash is extremely important. Hair conditioner will nourish your hair and scalp, leaving you with a moisturized and healthy shine.

Trim your hair for better results

Trimming your hair is important. After every 3 weeks, one should trim get their hair trim. One should get their hair trimmed on a regular basis. Choose a haircut that suits your look and get it done every 3 weeks.

Steam it

Oh, this is tricky. A lot of people think that how steaming can help in hair growth? But experts say that heat produced by the steam hydrates hair, especially those that have naturally dry and retains moisture.

Oiling should be a ritual

People forget it, especially people with oily scalp. But oiling should be a ritual. One should regularly oil their hair for growth.  It acts as a quick remedy for damaged hair, split ends, dandruff as well as rough and frizzy hair.

Hair Masks

From applying eggs mask to avocado mask, a hair mask is important. This can be practised during the weekend so that you get the best results.

haircare routine
haircare routine

The Right comb

To reduce hair fall problems, one should choose the right comb. Wide teeth comb are highly recommended as they reduce hair fall problem issues. It prevents hair breakage and is gentle on the scalp.

Foods that promote hair growth!

Apart from an ideal haircare routine, one should also maintain a healthy diet for healthy hair. Experts believe that a healthy diet can boost hair growth. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent hair fall. One can add eggs, walnuts, Soybeans, vegetables Tofu, Flaxseed chia seeds and other fatty fish.

Foods that are rich in B6, B12 like bananas, potatoes ( both white and sweet), and spinach are also great for hair. Major sources of B12 include meat, fish, poultry, fish, and dairy products. You can also add critic fruits to your diet for shiny and long hair.

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