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I love North-East! I love Delhi!

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The sad episode of Nido Tania and people protesting against racism in Delhi is surely something we all need to sit p and take notice. However, here’ a little twist. Let’s meditate on the issue from some other perspective and let’s deviate the tension surrounding it. We asked people in Delhi and from North East WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT BEING WITH EACH OTHER HERE IN DELHI…and here’s what everyone has to say…

What North-east has to say about Delhi-


There are lots of places for sight seeing. Delhi is very beautiful.” : Thanshokla, owner of a shop in kamla nagar market

Joysil kimkimi

” I like the historical monuments. There are a lot of historical monuments and knowing about them gives a sense of pride for our mother India.” : Joysil kimkimi, student.

Shensin Lungpu

“I like the fact that I am getting to experience the culture and traditions which are so different from where I come from. Yet it’s amazing how we belong from the same nation.” : Shensin Lungpu, a worker.


Delhi girls are hot! ” :Makujang, worker.


“Unlike our jobless Assamese people, Delhites don’t care what the neighbours’ children are up to. They mind their own business and women, they are no less, they have achieved what not. Hats off. .” Jyotishma, a student.


“Delhi people are full of fun and they are very lively. They are always up to something new and enjoy every moment of their life.” :Rosy, a student.


“I like the fact that Delhi people are very competitive, be it any field. They take their education very seriously and are full of talent. And, also, I like Diwali, which is celebrated with great joy.” : Boranya, a student.

Emichozam Saikia

My experience in Delhi has been very good. Delhi has always supported me in my bad times and I have never felt that I am away from home so far : Emichozam Saikia

What North-east has to say about Delhi-

Siddhant Saxena

“My personal experience with north east Indians has been a good one. these people are definitely friendlier than us north Indians and the least prejudiced lot of all Indians.( you know like North Indians have an opinion about how south Indians are ( a negative one) and vice versa) This eastern part of the country prefers to actually see people equally.” : Siddhant Saxena, student, JSS Academy Of Technical Education.

Vanshul Rathore

“They are bold. They are warm and It’s not easy to just move from one place to another but I never saw anyone complaining about being uncomfortable about it.” : Vanshul Rathore, student.

Tushar Madan

” I like their food.. momos…(laughs) fried momos..” : Tushar Madan

Khyati Kalia

“I think they are honest. They don’t show off. And the biggest fact, They love the way they are.” : Khyati Kalia, Student and Dancer.


“I love the fact that they are hardened people.. Hardworking,,. yeah, love their hair too.” : Nawnika, Student, DU

Gaurav rodiyal

“In this present era where we all are running behind western culture, this part of our country still has the importance of their values and their culture in their roots.” : Gaurav rodiyal, CA

Krishna Arora

“ummm… their eyes, I love their eyes.. And the fact that Delhi girls imitate their dressing sense, it’s WOW.” : Krishna Arora.

Amid all the violence and chaos, the fact remains, excluding minority, majority of Delhi people love north east people and their rests no racism in their heart. India has a diverse culture and every culture is respected in india. JAI HIND!



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