I have to get married just because Sharma Ji’s daughter is getting married!

The unspoken rule of Indian Society

Marriage is a choice and why our society is so obsessed with marriage?
Marriage is such an overrated topic in our society that most of us think that it’s our ultimate destination. Why it is very hard for Indians to understand that marriage is just a part of life, it’s not the ultimate goal of life that we all have to achieve. Marriage is a choice but sadly in our country, it’s like board exam which is mandatory for everyone. Mind you! Once you cross a certain age, you will become over age for settling down here. (If you decide to get settled after 30, it’s too late for Indians) So conditions applied!

You have to get married because everyone else is doing
You have to get married because everyone else is doing

Here, in India, we are brought up in such a manner that marriage becomes a big deal as soon as we hit 25. Every second thing in India revolves around marriage. For example: Boy needs to earn well in order to get a beautiful bride, and a girl needs to know every rule of pleasing people in order to adjust in her future family. I mean seriously? This is 2k17 right?

After some point of time, people stop asking you how are you? In fact, they will ask you, Shaadi kab kar rahe ho? (When are you getting married?) As an individual, I strongly believe in the idea of getting married. But getting married just for the sake of getting married can ruin one’s life. Do not get married because all your friends are getting married, do not get married because you are afraid of staying single. One thing we all should admit that we Indians are obsessed with marriage and for all wrong reasons.

It’s a matter choice
It’s a matter choice

Here are few things you will relate if you hit the “so called age of marriage” according to Indian society. (Agar aapki Shaadi ki umar ho gyi hai)

1.In every meal you will be served a new Rishta by your parents: Yup, parents will serve different rishtas in breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will force you to just take a look.

2.If you say no for a particular Rishta, people will ask you Koi aur hai Zindagi mai? (Do you like someone else?) They will never ask you do you want to go for higher studies. Saying ‘No’ to a marriage proposal means you have someone else in your life.

3.Cousin Aunty or Uncle (the so called door ke rishtedaar) will tell your parents about the most eligible guy they know: Mind you, please beware of them! These people appear once in a blue moon and behave like the most important people of your life.

4.For every family function, you need to learn the script for answering the most expected question, Shaadi kab kar rahi/rahe ho? When are you getting married?

5.You need to learn how to handle emotional blackmailing: With the passage of time you need to learn how to handle melodrama of emotional blackmailing at your home.

Can you please define Acha Ladka
Can you please define Acha Ladka

6.Hamare baad tumhara kaun dhyan rakhega?(You need someone after us) : This is one of the most illogical reasons. We can travel the world, run our business, but we cannot do normal household chores and cannot handle ourselves.

7.If you will hit thirty, you will not get a decent boy or a girl: No matter how well you are doing in your career. People will say, “shaadi sahi umar par kar leni chahiye nhi toh acha ladka nhi milega.” (You should get married at the right age otherwise it will be difficult to find a decent guy). Acha Ladka( Good boy) can you define?

8.If you get adjusted with your In –Laws, it’s like winning a battle. Because you will often come across the phrase that “ajkal ke bache adjust nhi karte.” ( Today’s generation is so poor at adjusting with in- laws)

What do you people really mean by settling down?

I really don’t understand the meaning of getting settled down. So basically, if you earn well, you have your dream job, you are doing what you really like is not equal to settling down in our country. In India, settling down means you need to have loving wife or a caring husband when you go back home.


Marriage is a matter of choice and you should only make it, if you really want. Any relationship needs time and preparation. Just because Sharmaji ki beti is getting married. ( Sharmaji’s daughter) you also need to get married. So just think before you say yes to someone. Are you ready to put in all the efforts?

Note : Names and conditions all are just used for the reference

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