I am not overweight, I am chocolate enriched

What can a chocolate do? I guess the question is inappropriate .The question should be, what chocolate cannot do? Chocolate is the most delicious desert. It is used as an aid to impress girls; it is used as an aid to make children perform a particular task. It prevents heart diseases and many more.

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Our life too is a chocolate box with different flavors like nuts,crackle, crunchy, almonds etc. There are many varieties of chocolates available in market.

As proven by researchers, chocolate is the most consumable dessert.Most of the people prefer cuisines made of chocolate be it a shake,cake,ice-cream etc.

The melted chocolate in mouth can take an individual from its conscious to unconscious state of mind. Chocolate is the medicine of every kind of mental depression.

As it is said “Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment”.

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