I am Manglik not a Murderer: Why being Manglik is such a big deal for Hindus?

Did someone say Manglik? Oh Gosh! It means you have been cursed

If you are a citizen of India and you are a Hindu, then you would definitely know the word “Manglik”. So have you ever tried to go in depth of this term? It is such an overhyped word that it can give restless nights to the parents of those with Manglik Dosha in the horoscope. It is so prevalent in Hindu culture that matrimonial sites have created a separate section for Manglik girls and boys. While the western world debates the legality of same- sex marriage, our society still base their marriage on horoscope matching, and if you come out with a Mangal Dosha, then people might get scared of you when it comes to marriage.

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We are in the 21st century and things have changed. Our generation hardly believes in all these things but we cannot change our society and parents. Basically, if someone has a strong presence of Mars in his or her birth chart that person is called Manglik. When the Mars is placed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house then the person is Manglik.

Logical Explanation behind Planet Mars

It is said that Mars by nature is aggressive, impatient, independent, and strongly goal driven. So Manglik people have same characteristics, and only a Manglik can cope with them. But what’s wrong with it? We all want an independent partner, don’t we? Well, this concept is derived from Vedic Astrology but it has no mention in Mahabharata and Ramayana. There are no studies and no figures that can prove its ill effects. But still, people believe in it.

What all can be done?

Here are few reasons that why we should get over Mangal Dosha:

  • Divorce rates have increased. So people who are not even Mangliks also face separation because it all depends on two individuals when it comes to sticking with each other.
  • If it really exists then it should be prevalent in all other religions. Why only Hindus blindly follow it?
  • People label Manglik people as cursed but this against humanity. We all are unique and placement of planets in our astrological chart cannot decide one’s fate.
  • Marriages are based on two individual’s compatibility, not on the astrological labels.

We asked few people about their take on term Manglik and are few interesting and valid points.

“I can’t tell something concrete but I see it as a myth, a religious misconception among many. I mean, are such things adhering to this part of the world only? Why don’t people in US or UK marry a peepal tree to eliminate the negative effects of being ‘Manglik’? The reason of being Manglik is the placement of the Mars (Mangal) in some 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th on charts of astrology, right? How could someone be so cynical that he becomes so superstitious to do follow religious dogma for better? I mean I don’t challenge or criticize them, but I have no faith in such things. It’s upon your convenience, as religion, as science, everything. We have our own world to define things. I am not bound by such restrictions. Or if something like this ever exists then we wouldn’t have questioned it time and again. So basically, it’s up to us how do we look at things”, says Gaurav Raj, 24, Media Professional

How does it impact us?

“Our thoughts make us what we are. In our country being Manglik is a crime. People marry their Manglik daughter to a tree, horse or even a dog before she gets married to her human husband but this is all in our thoughts. We get all that we want from our life. If we will not believe in all this then nothing wrong will happen. Just focus your thoughts towards positivity and life will reciprocate in the same manner”, Vibha Khosla, 46, Principal Shri Ram Global School

“In today’s era, there are numerous non- Manglik couples, even with perfectly matched kundlis, who are facing marital disharmony and divorce. How does that make them different from mangliks then? Being a manglik is nothing but a stigma that leads to malicious customs and discrimination something that is ill -fitting in the 21st century”, says Irene Khosla, 20

“It is on account of the socio-cultural dynamics of India that have been prevalent since ancient times that redundant superstitious beliefs are still carrying on just on accord of that inertia”, says Bhavya Arora, 21

Being Manglik is not a crime and everything is just in our mind. Life reciprocates everything, and we get what we think. But if you still believe in this concept there are some remedies that might neutralize the ill –effects of Mars. (Contact an Astrologer)

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