‘I am a fun loving person’, says Tripti Chitkara


A lady who is not just a passionate professional but also an amazing individual, she believes in living life to its fullest. I am talking about a renowned astrologer, Tripti Chitkara.

‘I am a fun loving person’, says Tripti Chitkara


Usually she gets into people’s life and help them to balance it properly but interestingly we got a chance to peep into her journey.

So, here we bring to you some interesting facts about her life straight from her heart.

1. How is Tripti Chitkara as a person?

What you see is what you get. Very straightforward and straight talking.

2. How did you land up making your career as an Astrologer?

I started studying astrology in 1983, at age 13. In fact I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to do what I do.

3. Have you ever predicted for yourself by using your knowledge?

Absolutely! When I was learning, I was my own guinea pig. I’m a fairly detached and balanced person, which are the prerequisites to predicting for yourself.

4. You help people from all walks of life. Was there any memorable moment that you would like to share with us?

Yes, many memorable moments. But because I respect people’s privacy I will not share anything, ever.

5. What do you like do in your leisure time?

Watch movies and read a lot.

6. If you were not an Astrologer. What would you have been?

I follow several paths of divination and teach spiritual concepts and esoteric truths. I also follow two distinctly different forms of healing – reiki and theta healing.

There’s enough variety in my work and I thoroughly enjoy it. I suppose you can safely say I follow my soul’s Calling. Hence, there’s no question of not doing what I already do.

7. Now- a- days youngsters go through lot of stress. What would you like to suggest them so, that they can manage their work and life efficiently?

Look within. What you have within you is what you project to the outer world. What you project is what returns to you, by the law of attraction. If you want to change something outside of yourself in your circumstances, you have to begin by bringing on changes within yourself.

8. You read the state mind of a person through color of aura. So, what prominent colors you have observed and what do they reflect?

Auric colors depend on your present feelings. As feelings change so do auric colors. The darker, denser colors are the more negative feelings and brighter colors depict happier, lighter emotions.

9. Where did you do your schooling?

Lots of different towns and cities all over India, owing to army parents.

10. What prompted you to enter the spiritual realm?

My own soul, I just followed my soul call.

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