Humans never say ‘die’

Humans have inbuilt qualities in them so, they can cross the hurdle which interrupts in our life. I mean we have a god gifted ability to remove all thorns from our life. For example, recently due to heavy rain in Haryana most of the crops were destroyed, therefore the government decided to grant 50 thousand rupees to each farmer. From this example you must have understood there is a solution to every problem and that solution is we humans ourselves. We must need to recognise our abilities and this is what I am going to tell you.


  • So, first of all we need to concentrate on finding the solution not the problem.
  • When we find solution to our problem we should be through with it.
  • We should also be confident that our solution will work.
  • Give your hard work to implement your solution.
  • Only concentrate on your goal don’t get distracted by distractions.
  • Aim on your goal and hit the ball.

Now, you will never have to look back in your life.

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