Human Rights Day 2019: Theme, Significance, History and Importance

Human Rights Day 2019
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Human Rights Day 2019: The UN aims to celebrate the potential of youth as constructive agents of change

The Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on 10th of December every year to raise awareness and inject the importance of human rights in the minds of the people. 10th December is chosen as the special day because the United Nation General Assembly adopted and proclaimed United Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 1948. It was one of the first major achievements of the United Nations and the first global enunciation of human rights.

United Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone a document that proclaims the inalienable rights which everyone is inherently entitled to as a human being regardless of race, religion, sex, color, language, political or other opinions, social or national origin, property, birth or another status. This document has been translated into more than 500 languages that make it the most translated document in the world.

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Human Rights Day is normally marked by high-level political meetings, conferences, exhibitions and cultural events dealing with human rights issues. The five-yearly United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights and Noble Peace Prize are awarded on this day. Many non-governmental and governmental organizations active in the human rights field also schedule special events to commemorate the day.

The theme of Human Rights Day 2019: Youth Standing Up for Human Rights

Human Rights Day 2019
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United Nations sets a theme every year on this day. This year, they have chosen Youth Standing Up for Human Rights as the theme. The UN aims to celebrate the potential of youth as constructive agents of change, increase their voices, engage a wide range of world audiences in the protection and promotion of human rights. The campaign is designed to galvanize, encourage, and showcase how youth across the globe can stand up for the rights against racism, bullying, hate speech, discrimination, climate change and others.

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Why the UN has chosen Youth this time?

Youth can play an important role in positive change

Young people have always been major drivers of social, economic and political transformation. Youth are considered as the forefront of grassroots mobilizations for positive change and bring solutions and fresh ideas for a better world.

Youth participation is crucial in achieving sustainable development for all.

Youth is trying to participate in public life, which is a fundamental principle of human rights. The youth wants to participate in all decisions that have a direct and indirect impact on their wellbeing.

Empowering youth to know and claim their human rights better will generate benefits globally

The younger generation is often marginalized and they encounter difficulties in enjoying and accessing their rights because of their age. Upholding the rights of youth and empowering them to better know their rights and claims will help in generating benefits across the world.

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