Human Rights Day 2018: How well do you know your rights?

Human Rights 2018

Human Rights Day 2018: Everything you need to know

Human Rights Day was adopted on December 10, 1948.  Human Rights Day 2018 will mark the beginning of a year-long celebration of 70 years since the international community adopted the declaration.  Well, Human rights day advocates that everyone should stand up for their rights, and for others too- civil, economic, political, and cultural rights. Human rights are the basic rights that every human can access from birth until death.  These laws can never be taken away from us. However, sometimes they can be restricted.  Human Rights 2018 is around the corner. In that case, let us see how well do you know about your rights.

Human Rights 2018

Here is a list of 15 basic human rights, take a look. Just check it out are you aware of them?

1. We all are equal and free: We all are born free. We all have our own thought and ideas, and we all should be treated equally.

2.No slavery: We are not born to become anybody’s slave. Nobody can force slavery on us.

3.We all are protected by the law: The law is the same for everyone. It treats everyone fairly.

4.Innocent until proven guilty: Nobody can be blamed for doing something until it is not proven

5.Freedom to move: We all have the freedom to move anywhere in our country

6. The right to democracy: We all have the right to choose our government.

7.Right to education: It is a basic right of everyone. We all have the right to become educated.

8.Fair treatment from the court: If you ever face any kind of discrimination, you can go to court to seek help.

9. Marriage and family: As a grownup, we all have the right to make our family.

10.Workers’ right: We all should be paid a fair amount for our hard work.

11. You have a right to express your views freely.

12. Copyright: Nobody can steal your artistic creations and writings

13.Food and shelter: It is a basic human right. Everybody should be allowed to have access to a good life.

14.Freedom of thought: You can freely express your thoughts.

15. Freedom from torture: We should stand up for ourselves and should raise our voice against any kind of torture.

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