HR Head in a Start-Up? Do’s and Don’ts

HR Head in a Startup? Here are important things to keep in mind for cordial relationships

Being a Human Resource Head is not an easy task, especially in a Startup. There is so much that you need to keep in mind while hiring talent for a startup.  HR is one of the most important departments of any organization. It helps in achieving both short as well as long term goals. Notably, a good team of working professionals has more chances of reaching breakeven than a team with a lot of mismanagement. If you are an HR Head in a startup, then here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you must follow.

HR in a startup: How to retain employees?

For a Startup, good employees are very essential because it is commitment and competency level of employees that build the future of the young organization. Being an HR professional in a startup, it is important to understand the working environment of the organization. Your vision should be clear in terms of output that the top management wants.
In a startup, the key functions of HR remained almost similar to the one in an established firm.  The key functions include – recruitment and selection, training and development, performance and appraisals, employees welfare and dispute resolutions. But there is a slight change in the role of HR when it comes to start ups. Here, the HR has to retain the employees for a longer period and it has to also to utilize their skills to the optimum level.

Reasons behind the failure of a startup

There are various reasons for the failure of a startup. Have you ever thought? Why some companies work really well and why some get badly crashed? Well, one of the major reasons behind it is the “Team”. A lot of times startup fails in managing the organizational resources, be it allocating tasks or settling a dispute among the employees. As an HR professional, you should be very clear with the vision of top management. Not only this, you should also be in alignment to their vision.

Here are key points that you need to keep in mind if you are an HR professional in a startup to keep all the disputes at bay:

1. Always specifically define the KRA ( Key responsibility area) of every employee so that there is no confusion when it comes to handling work

2. Working on your EQ is very important so that you can easily engage with employees

3. To keep your employee motivated there should rewards and recognition.

4. Grievances should be handled maturely. Try to resolve their issues and boost their morale for better results.

5. Organize regular meetings to address their issues and to discuss team strategies. Tell them to actively take part in it.

6. You can also consult top management for office décor. These days office interiors also play vital role in keeping the work spirit alive.

7. Be Transparent with your team members. Always give a biased free decision.

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1. Stay away from negative emotions and do not get personally involved in each and everything

2. Be friendly with everyone but do not let friendships come in between your professional work

3. Do not instruct employees verbally. Communicate over email. This will make communication effective.


Human Resource Team can help a startup to create a brand image. It helps in bad times and good times of an organization. In the first couple of years, it is very important that top management and HR team should work with mutual collaboration. For a startup, its employees are its greatest assets and the company’s main aim should be retaining its employees for stability.

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