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Dear Men, Here’s How You Break Free From Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity is toxic not just for women but men also. Here’s how men can break free from being toxic

Toxic masculinity especially in the Indian culture is something that is appreciated. It is a predecessor for a man to be ‘man enough.’ A boy child can imagine being a little less toxic if only he would have not had those moral ideas and ideals imposed on him because he is a man. And since their childhood, they are taught to embrace masculinity, it is not them but the society that has been failing to raise men rightly. But dear men, just for you realize that you have signs of toxic masculinity, that’s a positive sign. And there is hope for you to break free from toxic masculinity.

Toxic masculinity

Here’s How You Break Free From Toxic Masculinity

1. Accepting that you are toxic instead of being in a state of denial

The first step to break free from toxic masculinity is accepting your state of being a toxic masculine person. And this can perhaps be hard as you are toxic. Your toxic ideals might not be allowing you to take a step backward and think and believe that they are toxic but this is the first step you need to take to be better.

2. Examining the unconscious biases

The whole idea of toxic masculinity is based on the gender biases people have. Examining the conscious as well as unconscious biases. It can be difficult to identify but youvey got to think harder and consciously analyze yourself so as to be a little less toxic. These unconscious biases may include looking for appreciation from your sister or wife for doing the bare minimum, perse ‘helping’ them in the household. Helping them in the household is a biased statement in itself as it assumes that the household is women’s work. That’s the bias.

3. Understanding the experiences of the other gender groups

To understand and break free from toxic masculinity, you need to understand the prospects of the other groups. Show a genuine interest in understanding the experiences of other gender groups including women and the LGBTQI+ community. This will help you understand your privileges, and make you get over the toxic status, you and your community have somehow established.

4. Grab some gender studies and readings to understand gender politics

There is no substitute for reading and learning. After all, it is a process of learning, unlearning, relearning. Reading books and gender studies is your way of refueling with new information about gender politics. It is your chance to forget about the wrongs that you have learnt and now know what’s right.

5. Call out and boycott what’s toxic

If you know what’s toxic, don’t be afraid from calling it out. Be it among friends, family, or with the content you have been seeing on social media. Even calling out the toxic signs in films and shows that you have been watching and loving for ages. Spotting what’s toxic can solve a lot.

6. Call out other people and have a discussion with them

Call out your friends, your family members if they are making misogynistic remarks. Call out yourself if you feel you behaved as a toxic person at any instance. And have a healthy discussion. Think, question, unlearn the toxic, relearn the right and that’s how you can sail through.

7. Be kind to yourself and trust the process

Now that you know that you need to change, and break free from toxic masculinity, it is fact that you will. But it can not happen with a snap of fingers. It is a process. It will take time and effort. It will take your heart and soul to accept and improve yourself as a better person. So, be kind to yourself and trust the process.
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