How to write a cover letter for internship?

Tips and tricks to write a perfect cover letter for internship

Cover letters are usually considered less important document than resumes and therefore, it receives less attention. But do you know a well –written cover letter can help you to form good impression on the hiring manager? If you are a fresher then writing a cover letter can be bit tricky.   The only time cover letter should not be included when a job says not to include it. Otherwise, it is must for every job. So if you do not have any idea how to write a cover letter for internship? We are here to help you out.

How to write a cover letter for internship?
How to write a cover letter

What all should be included in a cover letter?

While penning down a cover letter, one thing should be kept in mind that the cover letter is about employer’s interest not yours.

A cover letter for the internship should answer following questions:

  1. How are your qualifications well- matched with the organization’s requirement?
  2. Why you are fit for the organization?
  3. Why now?
  4. What should be the next step in pursuing an interview?

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Points to remember

  • Customize your cover letter because the more you will focus on the needs of an organization , the better results you will achieve
  • Your cover letter must identify the needs of the organization and should be focused on the solutions that you can offer to the organization

Difference between the purpose of a Resume and a Cover letter

The purpose of a resume is to tell about your accomplishments, experiences, education, and skills. Whereas purpose of a cover letter is to explain your accomplishments, experiences, education to the employer.  In short, a cover letter gives a compelling reason to the firm to call you for the interview.

How to write a cover letter for internship?
Points to remember before you pen down a cover letter

What should not be written?

  • Dear Sir
  • Dear ma’am
  • To whomsoever it may concern

Internship is the first towards building a bright future. After the internship completion, we all look for jobs so it is very important to have a right approach towards seeking an internship.

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