5 super cool ways to wear oversized t-shirt for daily lifestyle

Wear that oversized T-shirt in an unconventional way like a Pro!

We all have at least one oversized tee in our closet and every time we look at it, we can only picture it with basic black leggings. Though that makes for a very comfortable outfit, it’s not a real head turner. But does that mean we have to give up on our relaxed tees? Of course not!

T -Shirt dress

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Here are different ways to style an oversized t-shirt, so you can stay comfy and look your best at the same time!

1. Wear it as a dress

If you think your t-shirt is long enough to pass off as a dress, go for it! Be sure about the material and accessorize it with a chunky bracelet to complete the ensemble. You could try this trick with your oversized slogan tees and style them with trendy sneakers for a sporty chic vibe.

2. Throw on a jacket

Tucking in your t-shirt is surely never going out of style, but a little *extra* is what you need to make your outfit stand out. Throw on a jacket to your tucked in tee and jeans attire for a more polished look. A long line jacket or even a basic denim one is a surefire way to upgrade your style

3. Try the half tuck:

Why not try your oversized t-shirt for a casual day out with friends? What’s better than the half tuck! Move over the old tucked in style and tuck in a part of your tee, leaving the rest as it is. Try this with skinny jeans or well-fitted shorts for a failsafe outfit.

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4. Use a belt to add structure

A belt is the best way to accentuate your curves and add some structure to your look. Since corset belts are it thing this season, invest in one that can be teamed up with your oversized tee. Work the duo by wearing it with fishnet stockings or distressed denim and you’re good to go, girl!

5. Knot it up!

Why wear an oversized tee as is, when you can base of your top and tie it into a knot. It’s an easy way to make your outfit look more fun! Besides, it takes only a few seconds to put together this look. You can work it with high waist jeans, a button-down skirt or structured pants for a more formal occasion.

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