5 mistakes that you are making while wearing masks

Face mask is the New Normal and you need to use it properly!

After the  outbreak of coronavirus pandemic masks have become an integral part of our life. Masks are meant to help prevent you from accidentally spreading or catching an infectious disease Covid-19. It is becoming increasingly clear that all people should be wearing masks while out in public. Before putting on a mask, we should make sure to clean our hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. If you don’t wear your masks the right way during this pandemic, your risk of spreading and catching Covid-19 increases.

To help stop the spread of Covid-19, you need to put on your masks the right way and avoid making this simple mistakes

1.    Your face mask only covers your mouth

If your mask only covers your mouth, then you are doing it wrong. And your risk of becoming ill or making someone else ill increases. If your nose is not covered by the masks, you have the risk contamination from the masks itself, which collects germs and droplets on its exterior.

2.    Your mask comes in contact with your body or your stuff

If the coronavirus gets on your clothes, face or body, and your loose mask touches those things then that’s a problem too. Make sure your masks are only used to cover your nose and shouldn’t be just hanging around your neck. To properly put on or take off a mask, you also need to be careful enough to not touch the front of the mask by holding the earlopes or the ties. Once you take off the masks, you can put the facemask in a ziplock bag or separate containment area.

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3.    Your mask hangs too loosely on your face

When worn properly, N95 respirators that doctors use are closely fits  to the face. But if you are using the surgical masks or a homemade cloth mask, you may be letting the sides gap loosely.

4.    Your face masks covers only the tip of your nose

It’s important to put your masks on the bridge of your nose, not at the end of it, so that you can create the best seal you can with the mask you have. If you are just covering the tip of your nose, that’s going to leave the big air gaps on the top of your masks for air to able to come in and out.

5.    You properly do not clean your mask if you reuse it

Make sure if you are planning to reuse your mask, it does not become one more contamination zone. You should always wash your masks after use, as well know “Prevention is better than cure.”

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