How to use the self-quarantine time due to coronavirus

Listing 5 awesome ideas to use the self-quarantine time

Coronavirus is currently in the 2nd phase in India. Soon it will enter into the third phase where it might affect double the number of people than the present one. Also, the deadly outbreak is in 3rd week in India and this disease has doubled/tripled in the 4th week and 5th week across the world, so Indian government is taking as many precautions by postponing/cancelling the major gathering events, asking people to work from home rather than visiting the office every day. This has left us with zillion minutes of spare time. Many people who used to go out in spare time are left with nothing else to do. In this article we will suggest some awesome ideas for you to learn something in self-quarantine time.

1. Spread awareness about the outbreak to less informed

We are very fortunate that we have access to a number of sources to know exactly what is going on. But, there are many people out there who either don’t know what is this deadly outbreak or they have half/fake information. You can utilize your quarantine time to call those less/miss informed people of your circle and give them the correct information.

2. Utilize the time to learn a new skill

If you have lots of time at your hand, you could always try your hand at learning something new. It is never too late to learn any skill. There are many of us who had dreamt of playing the guitar, clicking pictures from the camera, knowing photoshop so that you could replace your friends head with a donkey, but because we were so occupied with our daily-work that we never got time to learn these things. Learn whatever you want because with online learning most things are easy now.

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3. Read Books

If you are a big fan of reading books, but always complained that you are not getting time to read one. Now is the time. Read books of your interests. It would be great if you can read books related to your field. it will increase your exposure and give a sense of maturity and understanding.

4. Play video games or watch a series

A lot of you reading this article must have played video games at some point in your life. There are many of us who anyway play games every day but there are few confused-us, who can’t decide between playing games or watching movies or series. You can use your self-quarantine time by doing either of them. It depends upon you, what is it, that interests you more.

5. Learn a new recipe

It doesn’t matter if you love cooking or not but everyone loves eating delicious food. Isn’t it? At the time of self-quarantine, you can learn new recipes. Cook some delicious dishes for yourself and for your dear ones. Trust us, they will be very happy with your experiment in the self-quarantine time.

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