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Should I Text her or not?  Golden Rules to Text a girl & master the ‘Art of Charm’ 

Creating love with fingertips: Texting Etiquette that will leave her impressed 

Do people say texting is an art but is it really? If you think about it, it is just an activity that requires your good presence of mind and the choice of words that you use. Your smartphone contains messaging apps like iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram and yet you wonder how to text a girl you have just met or known for a while? All you can think about is how to get that girl to like you over texting?

If so, you have come to the right place because getting someone interested is not a child’s play. However, it becomes a lot easier when you know the do’s and don’ts before you text a girl. Here are some golden rules for texting to master the art of charm.

1. Know your audience: You should know and understand the kind of person you’re dealing with and be very careful with what you say because the funny thing about text is once you press send and if she reads that, you cannot take it back. Messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram have ‘read receipts’ feature.

Do: Always leave her with a smile and text smart because this is what women are looking for. Create a fantasy in her mind with your own words which can make her strongly attracted to you. Each text you send her should aim at making her feel good. This way you can earn her attention.

Don’t: Don’t do anything impulsively that you regret later. Avoid wasting her time with boring stuff as she may lose interest. Try not to be more intimate over messaging than you are in person as not every girl likes it and sends a wrong impression. Also, never talk to anyone the way you talk to her because she is special.

2. Choice of words: It is a fact that women respond powerfully to words, perhaps which is why reading novels are so fascinating to them. Using unnecessary dialogues or words is only going to push her away.

 Always double-check everything before you press the send button. Reread the message and check the name of the recipient. An autocorrect feature has a way of changing the meaning of a simple message into something that is not intended. Be simple and honest with your words when you talk to her. Above all, if you make any promise, MEAN IT.

You should never lie to someone you want a relationship with. But if you will especially on texts, it will come and haunt you later.


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3. Memories: Creating good memories are very important. After months when you will scroll down and look back at your chatting to see how it all started, you will feel wonderful reminiscing the time you had.

 Compliment her when she sends you a picture of her in a way she likes. Let her knows that she has made a positive impact on you.

Don’t: Don’t text anything negative or sad over text messages.

4. Patience: If you really want to win her, give her some space. You should know when to respond and play cool.

Do: You should know when to respond as timing plays a major role in such scenarios. Take things slowly as it has its own benefits. Rushing into something may create some awkward situations.

Don’t keep texting her when she has not responded to your last message. If you will keep doing it then she’s probably going to think you are too needy so occupy yourself with other things.

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5. No nudes: Is there even a point of sending nudes or even asking for it. Lust is never good in a relationship. Even among married couples, sending nudes is a bad idea as sometimes the relationship ends in divorce and now the ex has compromising photos. Sending a nude is always dangerous as photos are easily saved to a device and later it can be sent to anyone at any time.

Do: Flirting maybe ok only if you think she is going to like it but you have to be very careful about this.

Don’t: Don’t even think about sexting because there is a good possibility that you lose whatever little interest you had managed to create.

6. Your best interest: You may not be able to see their face but there are many ways by which you can make her smile because ultimately, that is the whole point.

Do: Make fun of yourself once in a while. By doing so, you get them laughing and show that it’s okay for them to let their guard down. They will feel more comfortable with you, which will allow them to become more attracted to you. Also, another way to have fun and keep your texts interesting is to guess how they might answer.

Don’t: Don’t over text as too much texting can destroy attraction and attention. It is a fact that whoever is putting the most effort into communication is the one doing the chasing.

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