How to take care of your woollens?

Here is how to take care of your woollens this winter

Maintaining woollens seems a lot of work. As nice and warm as they may be, but maintaining woollens requires a lot of hard work. Well, if you are someone who likes wardrobe refresh every winter, life easy for you. But if you are majority of us who gets attached to our winter outfits, we bring to you some handy tips to maintain your woollens. So here is how to take care of your woollens.

How to take care of your woollens?
Take care of your woollens

Here is the list of some handy solutions for maintaining your woollens

  • Gently clean the stains: If you accidentally stain your sweater or scarf, then take it to dry cleaner. In case the stain is not that tough, you can clean it at your home. Use a high –quality detergent meant for woollens. Mix the detergent with the lukewarm water and gently clean the stain
  • Do not iron when your woollen clothes are dry: Woollens should not be ironed when they are dry, as this would not ease out the deep creases. Instead of iron you can use a steam press. If that’s not the option take a cotton cloth and use it as the buffer between the iron and the woollen
How to take care of your woollens?
They need some extra care
  • Use the right brush: If you want to keep your woollens new. Do not use the washing machines to clean your sweaters. Instead of it, you can use an electrostatic garment brush after every wear
  • Prevent them from germs and moth attack: Woollens are very vulnerable to moth attacks. That is why it is important to stash some moth balls in the section of your cupboard where you placing your woollens

So this winter take care of woollens so that they do not lose their shine.

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