How to take care of twins?

Here is how to take care of twins, take a look here

Having a twin sibling may one of be the best things that can ever happen to anyone. Having a twin siblings means a lot of perks. But when it comes to taking care of them a lot of efforts are required. Here is how to take care of twins. You should always keep in mind that as they will grow up, they will definitely show some variations in terms of behavior. So, here are few things that you should never do with a twin.


Do not compare them: Never compare twin siblings with each other. One has to understand that they both are two different individuals and will have different caliber.

Label each twin : Every person has a wide spectrum of the personality. They should never be “the nice twin, the creative twin, or the athletic twin”. That kind of thinking should stay where it belongs.

Don’t compare them
Don’t compare them

Counting them as one person: Yes they do look alike, but that ends there. Twins are individual who have separate thoughts and aspiration. If one twin did something wrong then you should never get mad at the innocent one. What the other says or doing should never be reflected on other twin.

Can you read each other’s mind: For God sake just understand they are siblings like us. They cannot read each other’s mind just because of the fact that they were born together.

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