Parlour nhi ja pa rahi? Ladies here is what all you can do at home

Convert your self isolation to self care!

The world has become a difficult place to live in right now. Everybody is locked at home, struggling with work from home or daily household chores. A lockdown is surely not a easy thing to go through, but we have left with no options rather to survive this way. But we should take this opportunity as a freedom for our skins. Most of the women apply makeup on a daily basis and doing so take a toll their skin. You must be regretting, not getting wax, haircut or facial done before the lockdown began. Don’t worry, we have got you all covered.

Here is all that you can do being at home

1.    Almond and malai scrub

For this you need to soak almonds, dry them, and then grind them into a coarse powder. Add some cream or malai from your milk, and use this as a moisturizing scrub.

2.    Honey face mask

You just need to apply honey on a clean face, and leave it for sometime. The humectants present in the honey will hydrate skin, and its healing properties reduce inflammation.

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3.    Olive oil and egg hair mask

The olive oil and egg hair mask nourishes the hair and makes it shiny and thick. To do this, you need to mix olive oil and egg in a bowl, and coat the hair with the mask. It will be little smelly, but trust us after impact would be too good.

4.    Aloe and cucumber face smoothie mask

For this, you need to slice an aloe leaf, scoop out the gel into the bowl to start. Wash that in water to separate the green, sappy part. Put this in the blender, and then add washed unpeeled cucumber slices in it. Blend it into a paste, and apply it like a mask on a clean face.

5.    A coconut oil and coffee body scrub

Mix coconut oil with coffee grounds and granulated sugar. Then, after a bath, massage this on your body in circular motions. It only helps to relax muscles after a workout but also moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

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