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Stop Sabotaging Yourself If You Are Doing These Things

What is Sabotaging and how can you stop it? Know here

There are some days when things do not go according to us. Everyone has days like that. We try to figure out things on our own but sometimes results may not lead to success. And if, for you, most days are like this, then probably you are sabotaging yourself. 

Wrecking your potential success is not just a by-product of low self-esteem, but can take a huge toll on your relationships, health, finances, and career. 

Let us take look at signs of self-sabotaging 

Note: this information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This is a piece of general information and does not replace a consultation with a mental health professional. 

 You are too hard on yourself 

If you constantly pull yourself down or replay the the mistakes done by you in your mind, then you are sabotaging yourself. Congratulations on being too perfectionist. 

Self-oriented perfectionism or the belief that you need to be perfect often leaves a feeling of self-doubt. This is because the end goal of perfection is not realistic.

You are quick to point out the negative

This quality is directly related to pessimism. It sabotages not just your goals and relationships but it can also be bad for your health.

You wait until the last minute

Procrastination or putting off a task to the last hour is easy to do if you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, mentally drained, or lazy. 

burnt out

You are unorganized

The feeling of being unorganized can lead to emotional disbalance too and increases the feeling of depression and hopelessness. 

You feel like a phony

If it is hard to give yourself the credit for the achievements you have made and you are constantly doubting yourself, then you are in the way of imposter syndrome. Feeling like phony leads to serious self-sabotage.

You overdo it

Overworking lead to self-sabotage in a variety of ways. It increases your greed to do just one more thing.

You are burnt out

burnt out

As per psychiatrists, living in a constant state of stress and exhaustion can lead to burnout. The headaches, stomach aches, indigestion, or weird physical symptoms are telling you to pump the brakes. 

Self-sabotage comes in many forms and inhibits you from getting what you want out of life. But how can you stop sabotaging yourself?

 Refrain your state of mind

Psychologist Judy Ho developed a chart which showcases how your interpretation affects your feelings. And unlimitedly it leads to how you act. By taking a step back and looking at each component, you can find different causes that lead to certain actions. Once you have an understanding of this chain reaction, you can find ways to change your outlook on situations. 

It is always better to see your bad grades as an opportunity to learn. 

 Work on your self-worth

Organizational psychologist Courtney Ackerman described self-worth as our tendency to evaluate our abilities and how we perform roles. She outlines what does not determine our self-worth are our job, grade, age, or the number of friends. 

 You should concentrate on what makes you happy. 

 Find a strong support network

Finding and surrounding yourself with the right people, mentors and friends will develop a strong support network. 

 Break down your goals and celebrate small victories


You could break your large goals into smaller ones and treat yourself to their accomplishment. This helps to develop a growth mindset, which allows you to focus more on improving yourself. 

 Talk it out

Finding someone who will listen and comfort you can help you get out of the self-destructive rabbit hole.  

Self-sabotaging is your worst enemy and these tendencies are generally hard to recognize. However, recognizing areas of improvement and finding the right support network will help you to grow on the path of self-improvement. 

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