How to spot Manipulative people?

Tips and Tricks to deal with Manipulative People

It is really hard to spot manipulative people around us because most of them behave very nicely with us. The way they talk and act will never let you know that they are actually manipulating you. But it is really important to spot manipulators because they have the capability of completely ruining your life.

How to deal with Manipulative people ?
How to deal with Manipulative people ?

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Why manipulation needs to be stopped?

I am sure you think it should be stopped because it’s obvious right ? Well, that barely touches on the many reasons. Someone’s manipulative behaviour towards you in long run can harm you for life. It has ever lasting effects on person’s behaviour and life.

Do you know it has the potential to permanently damage someone’s self respect? It can even spin someone into severe depression. That is why it really important to get to rid of manipulation as soon as possible.

They can ruin your life
They can ruin your life

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Today, we will tell you how to spot manipulators around you, so that you can prevent yourself from self -destruction.

Here few are ways to spot them.

1. They never apologise Manipulators never regert about anything and never accept their mistakes.

2 .Arguments and fights only take place when they are at their comfort place . They will never get into any arguments when they are out of their home. Because when they are at home they feel more powerful.

3. They never keep their promise: It’s rightly said, ‘Empty words foster empty hearts.’ Manipulators never keep their promises. They will tell you all those things that you want to hear just to keep you around, but will never keep their promise. They will only tell it you, but will never do.

4. The Jealousy factor Manipulators might not show that they are jealous of you, but their behaviour will towards you will depict it. They could feel jealous because of any stupid reason.

5. Passive Aggressive behavior : They will never clearly tell you that he/she is angry with you. Instead of telling it you , they will express their anger through their actions. This is one of the most immature signs of manipulative behaviour. It’s best to just walk away and not return.

Motive of Manipulators

Manipulators are usually aimless creatures. They don’t have any goal in life. They have only one goal- that is to manipulate others. They actually look for people whom they can manipulate. They only want to control people that’s why they manipulate others. By manipulating others they get a sought of satisfaction.

Here is how to deal with them
Here is how to deal with them

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How to deal with them?

Getting rid of manipulators is really hard. But nobody can manipulate you until or unless you allow a person to do it. If you have spotted any manipulator around you then you must know how to deal with him. So, here are few tips and tricks for your help.

  • Try to ignore them because this is the best way to stay away from the negativity.
  •  Do not correct them: By correcting them, you sink deeper in their trap.
  • Guilt is a useless emotion, but at the same time it’s a powerful tool. Manipulators know their job well . So, they use guilt as a powerful weapon against you. They make you feel guilty for past failures. So stop feeling guilty and trust your instincts while taking crucial decisions.
  • They will become friends with your friends in order to make you feel jealous and insecure. They will even turn them against you so that you seek their help to resolve your problems. If this happens to you, make sure you don’t lose your temper.
  • Last but not the least, find out their center of gravity and hit them hard: Sometimes you need to become offensive in order to get rid of toxic people. Find out their center of gravity and hit them hard. Once you know it, bring people of their skill to replace them. This will throw them off balance and will make them concerntrate on their own rather on you.

Manipulators are all out there and ready to ruin lives of over -trusting people. So, beware and end the relationship with them before it actually begins.

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