How to Score Good Marks in Maths in Class 10?

Tricks to score good marks in Maths

Scoring good marks in maths in class 10 is easy provided you are in love with the subject. Most of the students consider maths as a subject which is not so easy to learn. Though it is also not as tough as it seems. You can score well in maths if you know the tricks to learn this subject. You can be a master of this subject if you follow these tips as given below.

Five secrets to score good marks in Maths

The practice is the only way

Maths is a subject which needs a lot of practice. The more you practice the more confidence you’ll feel about it. The only trick to be a master in maths is the word – PRACTICE. There are few topics in this subject which need a little more attention and time to understand. You can plan your maths practice according to different topics in maths. Few topics like Permutation and combination requires a lot of practice as it has different methods to solve the same question.


Now that you know practice is the key to score well in the maths exam, let’s discuss the second most important factor in this. Having a proper discipline and following the same while studying will help you to learn the subject better. Discipline will help you to stick to your study routine and will keep you sorted and planned. Discipline during examinations will help you not to get distracted. If you’re not disciplined and start with a topic like algebra and gets distracted, you might miss an important question or concept related to it. So being Disciplined while studying maths is important.

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Distraction-free environment

Distraction is not good when you’re preparing for exams or doing any important task. Distraction can be in the form of the noise of TV or people around you and etc. You need to make sure that you should not get distracted while studying. Distraction won’t allow you to concentrate and understand the concept. So, while studying you should create an environment without distraction. You should keep your mobile devices away, and also make sure you shouldn’t keep your study place in a room where other people visit frequently.

More Practice is the key to learn maths

Maths is a subject which you can’t master just by reading or listening to. To study maths you need to solve problems. The more problems you’ll solve, the better you’ll understand the topic. Few topics in maths like conic sections need a lot of practice to understand it properly. Each problem needs a different approach to solve. You can’t ignore different ways to solve a particular problem. So, You need to practice a lot to understand the concept better.

Pay attention to your mistakes

There’s a process to solve a particular mathematical problem. You have to follow all the steps needed for the method to solve the problem. If you’re making mistakes while solving it, observe it. Review what is going wrong each time in the problem and try to improve on it. Knowing where you go wrong while solving a problem can help you to avoid repeating the same mistake during exams.

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