‘Saved a good chunk of money by not ordering food online’: A look into the good side of lockdown

Read what some of working professionals have to say about saving money

We all know how much economic loss several countries across the world have experienced due to the global pandemic COVID-19.  GDP growth of almost every country has taken a major jolt due to the coronavirus lockdown. Several governments haven’t been able to generate as many revenues to keep all the services running. Not just the governments, private firms and institutions have also experienced massive loss due to COVID-19 lockdown. On an individual level, people have suffered job losses, hunger and deaths. Few people believe that the devastation level of coronavirus is a lot more than World War II.

However, the only good side about the lockdown on an individual level is that people were able to save some money. Because the outside world didn’t exist for them during the lockdown, they were not able to spend their money. We talked some of the working professionals on how coronavirus has helped them save money.

A lot of money is saved by not ordering food online

Roushan Nilay, Network Specialist at HCL Technologies, Noida thinks that lockdown has helped him save a lot of money. His travelling cost was reduced to almost none. He didn’t hang out with his friends ultimately saving money on outside food and drinks.

Vinayak Kumar who works at Tech Mahindra saved a good chunk of money by not ordering food online. He used online food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and Dominos on regular basis till lockdown. But after the coronavirus scare, he didn’t order food despite the food-ordering services being resumed. He said “Lockdown has saved quite some money, Earlier I used to spend more than Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 by ordering online food but now I make my food myself with the help of the online cooking class. Now, my monthly expense on food is only Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000.”

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Some people kept paying their maid despite no work

Avinash Kumar who is an Automation Testing Engineer at said that during the first phase of lockdown he was able to save money but afterwards he returned to the same monthly-expenses routine. “I kept giving money to maid despite, she was not able to come to work. During the first lockdown, I was not able to order online food in Greater Noida but later I started ordering food more than earlier as the maid was not coming. Still, I have saved a good chunk of money.”

During the time of the pandemic, it is okay to save money. If there is a health emergency and you don’t have a health insurance, then you would be able to use the saved money to pay the heavy bills of hospitals. The saved money can also be used to buy some gifts for your friends or family.

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