How to remove virus from Smartphones?


Remove virus from smartphones without even formatting it 

Viruses are everywhere these days. You never know from when virus would attack your Smartphone.  Virus can anytime destroy your phone, whether you download basic software from internet or a song. Viruses get downloaded by themselves and destroy your data, slow down the performance of your smartphone and much more. In order to save the data from viruses, taking backup of each file on your Smartphone on Google drive is recommended. Apart from it, here are few ways to remove virus from Smartphones without formatting it.

Whenever we get pissed off of the virus attack in Smartphone, the first thing we think to format our phones. But when you do that all your important data is lost along with it. Hence, it is suggested to keep the resetting your phone to the factory mode as the last option and go for other options first before jumping on formatting your Smartphone. Let us have a look at few options we should do before thinking about formatting our Smartphone due to virus.

How to remove virus from Smartphones?
Don’t format, just follow simple steps

Steps to follow:

– Majorly viruses are installed via third party applications. So, it is recommended to never download applications from outside the Google Play Store.

– If you have already downloaded any third party application and suspecting the presence of malware in it, then better put the Smartphone on Safe Mode and then uninstall all third party application.

– Sometimes application get installed themselves when some particular websites are visited and brings viruses along with them. In such a case, open your all application list in settings and check which application you have not downloaded and delete it.

– You can find a number of anti-virus applications for android on internet for free. It is best to download an anti-virus which is most recommended and install it. Scan your Smartphone and delete all the viruses with the help of the software.

If nothing of the above works, then there is any other option left but to factory reset the Smartphone.

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