How to beat Heatstroke? Know its Symptoms & First Aid

How to keep Heatstroke at bay?

Summers in India are really bad, thanks to the changing climatic conditions. Well, the condition is the same all across the globe. People are facing extreme weather conditions. Summers are already there. In that case, it is very important to protect ourselves from heat stroke. Here is how to beat heatstroke

What is Heatstroke?

A heat stroke is a form of Hyperthermia in which the body temperature is elevated dramatically. Notably, it is a medical emergency and could be fatal if not treated properly on time. The main cause of the heat stroke is an elevation in body temperature, often accompanied by dehydration.

What are the symptoms of Heatstroke?




The absence of sweating and in extreme conditions it could result in coma.

Who all are at risk of the heatstroke?

Heatstroke is treated by cooling the victim. But it is always advisable to notify emergency services immediately if heatstroke is suspected.  The most important measure that you can take to protect yourself from the heatstroke is to avoid becoming dehydrated. One should avoid vigorous exercise in hot and humid weather. Infants, the elderly, and athletes are at great risk of heatstroke.

How to naturally treat Heat stroke?

At the time of heatstroke, it is very important to lower down the body temperature. Here are a few tips to do that.

  1. Get to a shady place or a place which is cool
  2. You can drink Juice of coriander and mint leaves to cool down your body temperature.
  3. If coriander and mint leaves are not available at the moment, you can drink buttermilk. It will hydrate you and will cool down the temperature
  4. If heatstroke is caused due to exertion, then you can opt for cold water both. Let your body soak cold water. It will provide you instant relief
  5. Lastly, keep drinking water on a regular interval. It will keep your body cool.

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