How to Prevent excessive hairfall during Monsoon?

Monsoon brings a smile to everybody’ s face but it also brings a lot of mess with it. Hairfall becomes a particular problem during the monsoon season. Here is how to prevent excessive hair fall during monsoon.  To make your hair frizz you need to for right steps. Here we go!

Prevent excessive hairfall

How to prevent hair fall during Monsoon: Guide for smooth tresses:

1. Always try to keep your scalp dry. Don’t let the rainwater enter your scalp.  Cover your hair whenever you go out.

2. Avoid oiling your hair every day. You can massage your hair once in a week and that is more than enough

3. Neem oil is the best thing that you can use in monsoon. It has a cooling property and it clears out all accumulated sweat and oil.

4. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water. This will benefit both your skin and your hair.

5. You can skip the shampoo, but you cannot skip the conditioner. Use a wide -tooth comb to spread the conditioner well. It will keep your hair soft and nourished

6 If hair is dripping wet. Do not tie it. Let them dry. If you comb wet hair, they are more vulnerable to breakage.

7. Say No to Junk food. You should include foods that are rich in proteins and vitamins in your diet.

8. Stay away from hair gels. This can make your hair more prone to hair fall.

9. Eating a small bowl of sprouts every day will help you prevent hair loss. You can also add green leafy vegetables and raw salads to complete your diet.

10.  Give your hair warm oil massage once in a week followed by hair wash will keep your locks smooth.

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