How To Prepare Rava Upma Like An expert?

Healthy and Tasty Breakfast Recipe: Tips To Make Rava Upma

Upma, Uppumavu or Uppittu is a common South Indian, Sri Lankan, Maharashtrian, and Tamil dish which is usually a part of breakfast. Upma is a very healthy and mouth watering dish which you will be craving for, if once you have tasted it. Try this dish and cook it for your family. Next time when you think of cooking something healthy for breakfast, don’t forget this healthy recipe.


Healthy Breakfast


  1. 1 cup fine Semolina (Rava)
  2. Cooking oil (2/3tsp)
  3.  1/2 ginger (Adrak) grated or chopped finely
  4. Cumin (jeera) (1 tsp)
  5. Mustard seeds (Sarson) (1 tsp)
  6. Split and skinned Bengal gram (Chana dal)
  7. 1 tsp split and skinned black gram (urad dal)
  8. Curry Leaves (12-15)
  9. 10-12 cashews (Kaju)
  10. Chopped onions (1 med, chopped)
  11. Salt to taste
  12. Vegetables of choice: Peas, carrot
  13. 1-2 tsp sugar (optional)
  14. Lemon juice (2 tsp, optional)
  15. Coriander (Dhaniya)

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Rava upma

The method of making:

  1. Heat up the pan and add a cup of Rava in it and stir it often.
  2. Roast it until it looks dry and become fragrant.
  3. Keep it aside and heat cooking oil or ghee and add one tsp of mustard seeds to fry.
  4. After mustard seeds add the ½ tsp of cumin seeds along with 1 tsp of chana dal and 1 tsp urad dal and fry till it starts getting brown. And then add cashew in it, by the time cashew gets golden dal would also get golden.Add veggies of your choice.
  5. Add some onion and chilies and saute the onion till they become translucent.
  6. After this Add some water to this mixture and salt as per your taste.
  7. When the water comes to rolling boil, then add Rava in it.
  8. Stir it until the Rava grains soaked water and cooked properly.
  9. Settle it for 2-3 minutes and your Rava upma is all ready to rock your breakfast meal
  10. Sprinkle some coriander leaves on Upma and serve it tasty.

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